Weird Things Christians Argue About by Parker J. Cole

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Parker J. Cole

There’s a video making its way on social media called “Weird Things Couples Fight About”. A humorous thing, I thought I’d do my own version but along a different line.

Recently the International Society of Women Apologists had an online apologetics conference and several of my friends were there. These women are smart, beautiful, and answer the questions of faith and the heart with vim and vigor. Yet, it got me to thinking about my own forays into the arguments I’ve discussed over the years as a lay apologist and I’ve come to a conclusion.

There are some weird things Christians argue about.

I’ll be the first to say that there’s nothing wrong with a vigorous debate about the complex things of the faith. After all, we’re called to a reasonable faith in our Lord as well as the love we have for Him and He for us.

With that being said…I’m mentioning some of them not for the sake of ridicule but to postulate the point there’s a bigger picture involved.

The argument: Adam and Eve did/did not have belly buttons.
The bigger picture: Adam and Eve were real regardless if they had belly buttons or not. What if our first parents had outies???

The argument: Jesus was black not white. (Apparently there is no other ethnicity – eyeroll)
The bigger picture: Jesus was a Jew and is the Son of God. His divinity is not dependent on ethnicity.

The argument: You should only pray in Jesus’ /Father, Son, and Holy Ghost name.
The bigger picture: We can pray to our Father and He will hear us.

The argument: You should only read (insert version here) of the Bible.
The bigger picture: We have the Bible. That is all.

The argument: Jesus died on (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
The bigger picture: He rose.

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