Up In My Father’s Arms by Staci Stallings

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At church one morning I noticed a small boy in front of us. He was probably just older than two. Petite in features and sippy cup in hand, his little form toddled back and forth between his parents. His older brother had to keep backing up to let him pass. Back and forth he went and with the backs of our chairs so high, he could see most of nothing.

Then he toddled back across and lifted his little hands to his father who looked down and swooped him up. In that flash of a moment, I realized something. I spend far too much of my life toddling back and forth in my little limited world. I see a lot of pant legs and shoes, chairs and floor.

In my limited view, life is rather confusing and quite uninspiring. It really doesn’t make much sense because everything looks so similar. I only see half the story, if that much. But then, when I think to, I can look up at my Father and lift my hands to Him. When He swoops me up into His arms, that’s when I see a world I never knew existed. And what a world it is!

There are whole rooms and lots of people, and everything looks very different from up there with my Father.

The other thing I noticed as I watched this father-son combo was how the little boy held on. It was not with a death-grip like “please don’t let me fall.” It was with a trust that his father would not even think of dropping him. True, he was holding on, but the real truth was him being up there to see was at the pleasure of his father, not of his own will. Had his father wanted to drop him, the child would’ve had no choice but to get down.

But his father’s pleasure with him being up there was evident. The father looked over at the child and smiled with love and pride as the child gazed around the room in wonder. The little boy smiled back as if in awe of the point of view his father was able to share with him.

I love this lesson. It’s so simple but yet so profound. How many times do we insist on doing it ourselves, on going on our own limited viewpoint, insisting on toddling around at our Father’s feet? That’s always an option of course. But if we’ll just lift our hands to our Father, He will lift us up to a whole new point of view. As we look around and see our world, not as we see it, but as He sees it, He will no doubt smile at our awe and hold us there in His strength as we relax and enjoy the view.

Copyright 2008, Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings, the author of this article, is a Contemporary Christian author and the founder of Grace & Faith Author Connection. Free Today from Staci…

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