Up a Tree By Allison Kohn

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Allison Kohn
There was an old black bear rug hanging on the wall in the basement. When the children asked where it came from and why it was there the old folks said, “That’s the bear Rob killed with a 22”. Now even a child knows you can’t kill a bear with a 22”; but if the children begged long enough the old folks would finally tell them this story:
Rob was out hunting feline predators with his 22” rifle one day. He had killed a few dozen and was feeling pretty good when he heard a low growl and turned around to see a big black bear lumbering toward him.
Rob was tall and lanky and most of his muscle power was in his head so he turned around and ran as fast as he could. The bear ran fast too and soon rob could hear padded feet right on his heal, and feel the bears foul breath on the back of his neck. That’s when Rob exercised some of the muscle between his ears and climbed the nearest tree as fast as he could.
Bears climb trees too, but they can’t climb as fast as a skinny boy so Rob was a little ahead of the bear as they climbed the tree together.
The bear climbed and Rob climbed until there was nowhere else to climb. Not wanting to be the bear’s supper, rob took the butt of the 22” rifle and hit the bear as hard as he could between the eyes.
The bear lost his grip and his consciousness at the same time. Rob ran down the tree as fast as he could, put the barrel of the rifle between the bear’s eyes and pulled the trigger before the beast had a chance to wake up – even more determined to have a boy meal. Rob had done the impossible.
As a winner in the race “Can’t” and “Impossible” are two words that aren’t in your working vocabulary. Trials aren’t crosses to bear, but stepping stones to victory. You are responsible to God to master your environment; and equipped by your Creator, in that you reflect his image, for bringing biblical solutions to your problems. Each trial is a blessed opportunity to learn some strengthening truth about God – and take a step into your re-creation into the image of your Creator.
Put your hand firmly into the hand of your God and, in his strength, gladly accept the responsibility of mastering the events of your life by following the instructions laid out in the GPS to spiritual maturity and the abundant life – the Word of God.

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