This is the time for Thanksgiving by Sherry Chamblee

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Well, every day is for giving thanks, right? 

Sometimes we talk big, we say things like “I have thanksgiving every day.” Actually I hear it lots at Christmas, too … “We celebrate Christ all year.” 

Ok, let me be honest. Often I think we’re using that as a copout, or an image booster. 

Look in the Bible. God created special feast days, special memorial days that were designed to remind His people of certain things. So I think it makes sense that we would have one special day in the year where we are to be reminded to give thanks for the things we have. This doesn’t mean we don’t give thanks to God all year. Rather it’s a reminder each year…sort of a reset button. It’s a renewal. Each year we fill up our Thanksgiving basket, and make it last for another year.

So participate. Don’t feel guilty if you need this reminder again this year…we all do, by the way.  God designed things like this for a reason. He knows we are flesh. He knows we forget.

Granted, Thanksgiving Day is not a commanded holy day in the Bible, nor is Christmas. So I’m not equating them. I’m just saying it’s ok to have them. They serve a Biblical purpose. So yes, remember that you should be thankful all year round.

That’s what Thanksgiving Day is for. It’s a day to remember and remind us what we ought to be doing all year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Sherry Chamblee

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