The Queen of Tuesday Night Wants You!

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by Parker J. Cole

I showcase Christian authors worldwide. It’s my dream to showcase authors from every continent in the world. My pastor says constantly, “People Everywhere Need Jesus.” The truth of those words rings like bells especially in the world we live in today. 

Perhaps you’re not equipped to be a missionary or a pastor. Maybe you don’t have the courage to stand in front of ungodly organizations and try effect change in their agendas. The thought of standing in front of a lot of people makes your legs shake and get weak. 

Yet, there’s one thing you can do – share your story. Your fiction, your devotions, your prayers, your memoirs. That’s what God has given you – the gift to write!  

I want to be able to help you share your message.  

Interested? Just simply email me at writestuffradio at gmail dot com.  And we’ll take it from there. There’s no cost involved. We can do the show pre-recorded or live. And you won’t be alone because I’ll be there with you. 

Still don’t know? Check out all the others authors who’ve been my show by clicking here:

Together, let’s get your book out there.

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