The Big Giant Pickle Book Release by Sherry Chamblee

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Sherry Chamblee
I’d like to introduce to you my husband’s new children’s book, The Big Giant Pickle. This was a work of love, as he made it up to help our children pass the time on long car rides. They got into it in typical Chamblee fashion, chanting and cheering as he told the¬†story.

Now we have finally gotten it illustrated and printed for other people’s kids to enjoy. Honestly, the parents will have fun reading it too.

The Big Giant Pickle is currently taking a tour of the United States. So far it’s seen the Grand Canyon in Arizona, abandoned Anasazi cliff dwellings of Colorado, and Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

Those are just a few of the highlights so far. If you’d like to follow along, please find us at You can also follow us on twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #Gr8USrdTrp and #BigGiantPickle.

The Big Giant Pickle

This fun children’s book is available in many different formats through CreateSpace:

And for Kindle and print at Amazon:

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