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Book Review: Heaven’s Prey

What if your niece had been brutally murdered by a serial killer? The only way Ruth Warner can get any peace at all is by praying for Harry Silver, the famous race-car driver turned killer. At least he’s behind bars…until he escapes. Ruth stops at a convenience store on her way home from […]

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Book Review: Raspberries and Vinegar

Raspberries and Vinegar, Valerie Comer When I first read the blurbs about this new series called Farm Fresh Romance, I was intrigued. I blog about Fresh Starts , and the farm twist was really interesting to me, so I grabbed a copy to read. Now I love the idea of FarmLit and hope […]

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Fresh Start Summer

Review by Valerie Comer We all need a fresh start from time to time. Grace Harkin has lived in Cherryvale forever. She is a driving force in the small town, beloved and respected by everyone, but when her former best friend moves back, it’s evident that an old disagreement has never been put […]

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How To Write a Story

Once upon a time, in the dark ages before the advent of the Internet, a young mother dreamed of writing fiction. She said, “How do I learn to write a story?” but there was no one to answer. She went to her small-town library and whispered the question to her librarian. Very, very […]

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Valerie Comer at Meet the G&F Authors

Welcome to the first installment of “Meet the Grace & Faith Authors”! Today we are privileged to have Valerie Comer.  In addition to her many exploits at the small-town flooring company where she works, Valerie has graciously taken on the task of setting up the wiki for our Grace & Faith group.  She […]

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