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Halloween is upon us and I wonder if… by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle I am the only mother that doesn’t let their kids trick or treat? Yes, I loved dressing up and trick-or-treating as a child, but as a college student my views changed. I discovered that the many things that I thought were fun and harmless weren’t necessarily fun and harmless to God. It […]

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Send to Kindle As a child, what was your favorite book? I don’t remember a particular title, but I do remember the plots and themes that drew me in. Children in Nazi Germany, left alone by imprisoned parents, struggling to survive without being captured; the early books in the Boxcar Children Series in which the […]

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Reflections: Would God Endorse My Books? by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.” The guest speaker at my church last week declared these words from the stage. Then he asked if our lives so conformed to Biblical principle, so reflected Jesus Christ, so yielded to the Spirit which dwells in us, that people could see the reality […]

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Magnificent God by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle How totally amazing is the perfection of His legal transaction. Jesus Christ paid our penalty once and for all. How wonderful is His love! How miraculous is this great exchange! How breathtaking is His favor! The perfection of His new covenant and the magnificence of His plan evoke the deepest sentiments of […]

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Surviving Parenthood by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle  Lately I’ve been thinking about parenting. That statement is kinda funny since I have six children between the ages of 22 and 2 and all of them still live with us (except for #2 who went away for college…but he’ll be home during the summer) — so really, parenting is a constant […]

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Light the Way by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle Flickers of dim light danced on the darkened floor revealing that the path was turning in a different direction. The tunnel was longer than expected. Her heart thumped with anxiety as she placed her hands on the wall beside her for security. Careening her neck, she tried to see around the corner […]

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