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Return of the Swans by Laura J. Marshall and Suzanne Williams

This is a sneak peek and book cover reveal of Return of the Swans, the first book in the Kilts n’ Kisses trilogy … inspirational historical romance at its finest by best-selling authors Laura J. Marshall and Suzanne D. Williams. Here’s an excerpt from the story set in Scotland: The man’s arms at […]

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How To: Creating Chapters by SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS

Send to Kindle There are different methods of creating book chapters. Some authors write the entire story then go back and break things up. Others outline the story in advance and so know exactly where the chapters end. Frankly, I can’t do either one. The latter because I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, the former because I […]

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For All The Readers Out There Suzanne D. Williams

Send to Kindle Support an author. Buy a book. It seems like such a simple concept, yet in recent days I’ve been surprised by the people I’ve come across, Christian readers, nonetheless, who go of their way to get a book for free. I admit, in the past, I did the same, but then I […]

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Suzanne D. Williams Today we have one of our most active GNFA authors. She’s here to tell us a little more about herself and her book,  Suzanne,what inspired this story? Actually, I dreamed it in its entirety. I saw every character, every scene, heard the dialogue in my head, and only had to […]

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By Suzanne D. Williams One of the hardest things a writer learns to deal with is the judgment of others. After all, we pour our heart out on the page, each word a symbol of the time and diligence we’ve dedicated to our craft.   Speaking personally, there isn’t a comment I haven’t […]

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The Use of AS and WHEN

Suzanne D. Williams   There are a couple phrases I try stridently to avoid, especially when writing fiction. I want to cover two because these are the ones I see most often. They are also the hardest to dodge, but I have found that my use of them is the “cheap way out.” […]

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The Power of Words

By Suzanne D Williams I’ve always heard the advice, “Read what you’ve written aloud,’ but truthfully, never followed through on it. I mean, why, when it’s all right here in my ol’ noggin? Then I decided to put my stories on audiobook.   I had no idea how true the statement was until […]

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The Path I’ve Been

By Suzanne Williams Writing is an ever-evolving process. What I wrote two years ago has changed from what I write today. The story I thought was great then, maybe needs work now. A good sign of maturity in a writer comes in knowing that. At the same time, knowing it needs work and […]

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Reliving the Days of our Youth

By Suzanne D Williams Set aside your adult mindset for a moment and return with me to the days of your youth, to that time of life when all the little trivial things mattered – that your friends might see you wearing that awful shirt your grandmother bought you, that your hair has […]

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GNFA’s Memorial Day Sales

Looking for some good reads this weekend. GNFA has 5 Books from our GNFA Authors to recommend to you. Happy Reading! The Road Home  $2.99 Season’s Greeting from Amelia $0.99 Missing $0.99 Love & Redemption $0.99 The Fall $2.99

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