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I’ll Never Say Goodbye by Suzanne D. Williams

Send to Kindle You are primarily a YA (young adult) romance writer, so what inspired this more adult-themed short story? I cut my teeth, so to speak, on historical fiction. It was my first love as both a reader and a writer. I enjoy writing YA, feel called to write it even, but always return […]

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What I Learned Watching Hallmark Movies by Suzanne D. Williams

When I began writing romance novels, I had no idea what I was doing, having not spent any time studying the genre. Now, however, with a lot of words spilled from my fingers, I know what I like to write, what type of characters I prefer, and the storylines that are most meaningful […]

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Giving Respect by Suzanne D. Williams

There are a few rules of author-reader relationship that bear repeating from time to time. Recently, one of these came to my attention when a popular author was berated for being “snippy.” Frankly, after reading her reason, I sided with the author. A friend in a conversation about it later said we sit […]

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Taking Risks by Suzanne D. Williams

I have long said to write what makes you uncomfortable. If it affects you, the writer, then it will also affect the reader, and that’s the goal. Isn’t it? To make people think. There is, however, always a line you shouldn’t cross. In Christian fiction, it seems this line gets pushed about by […]

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The Story by Suzanne D. Williams

Stories are like artwork. As an artist dips his brush, mixing blue with gold, red with green, creating innumerable hues on the canvas, an author paints with words. Each, on its own, only a portion of what it could be, but when blended together in the perfect array, creating a magnificent display of […]

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What inspired you to write this story? That’s a funny tale in itself. I was at a local grocery store, and they had leftover calendars on the shelf. In between pop culture icons, black and white scenery, and cute puppies was the latest cowboy pinup calendar. It became a joke between me and […]

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Five Troubles of Being a Prolific Writer by Suzanne D. Williams

When I set out to write fiction, I decided to go against the grain and put out as many stories as I could in a short amount of time. My plan wasn’t to write sloppy stories (after all, what author plans to do that?) but to concentrate on novellas. To date, I have […]

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DOWN FALL by Suzanne D. Williams

Send to Kindle I cut my teeth on historical fiction way back in my teens, devouring every book I could get my hands on, so when I began writing fiction, it seemed like a natural way to go. I was finally able to put all I’d learned about the past to good use. Two years […]

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What An Author Needs The Most by Suzanne D. Williams

Send to Kindle As a writer, there is only one type of person I need to do my job for – those who love me. You see, I’ve written and sold books for two years now, and God has blessed me. I am extremely grateful and remind myself of His hand in my life every […]

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A Miracle for Mari

By Suzanne D Williams I wrote A MIRACLE FOR MARI thinking of a sixteen-year-old girl I know in a similar circumstance, and in considering her, I had a revelation. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the same age. This deeply affected my heart because judgment today for this girl who I love is […]

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