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Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance collection for 99¢! by Susette Williams

Ten best-selling Inspirational romance authors come together to bring you the Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance collection! If you’re anything like us, you enjoy reading various genres — a cozy mystery, a thrilling suspense, an adventurous historical, a catchy contemporary — we love them all as long as the romance is piping hot […]

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Self-publishing Options

Self-publishing is no longer as expensive as the days when people were forced to use vanity publishers if they did not go the traditional publishing route. There are many more options available for authors. We are only exploring some of the more known options. Several of the places offer paid services should you […]

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How Do You Revise or Edit Your Book?

By Susette Williams One thing I have come to realize is that not all indie authors have sought traditional publishing or gone the route of the traditional author in joining critique groups. Perhaps they didn’t realize that organized critique groups existed. Some have relied on friends, family members or on occasion they came […]

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The Importance of Reviews

By Susette Williams While the most common thought of using a review would be to help a customer decide whether or not to buy a product, there are other reasons for leaving a review as well. Believe it or not, writing can be a very discouraging profession. More often than not, people tend […]

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