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The Storm Clouds Roll by Sherry Chamblee

I love a stormy sky. The kind that makes you wonder what’s coming next, lends rise to thoughts of running for the storm cellar and hunkering down with a good book and a radio nearby. The sort of skies that blow and rage at you, bringing rain and thunder, and whipping your hair […]

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This is the time for Thanksgiving by Sherry Chamblee

Well, every day is for giving thanks, right?  Sometimes we talk big, we say things like “I have thanksgiving every day.” Actually I hear it lots at Christmas, too … “We celebrate Christ all year.”  Ok, let me be honest. Often I think we’re using that as a copout, or an image booster.  […]

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Be THAT friend… by Sherry Chamblee

Anyone can become discouraged. Faithful men and women of God. Children. Housewives. Husbands. Pastors, fathers, brothers, sisters. Sunday school teachers, farmers, bankers, lawyers, nurses….on and on. Everyone and anyone can and will become discouraged in life. So often when we think of discouragement, we think of it in regards to how to deal […]

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Everybody’s Got Baggage by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle My family is on a six week trip around the country – showing the kids major spots like the Grand Canyon, and Washington DC. However, three weeks in a Tahoe with six kids will teach ya a few things. You can follow us on my blog… We are also using the hashtag […]

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The Big Giant Pickle Book Release by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle I’d like to introduce to you my husband’s new children’s book, The Big Giant Pickle. This was a work of love, as he made it up to help our children pass the time on long car rides. They got into it in typical Chamblee fashion, chanting and cheering as he told the story. […]

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The Refuge by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle When do we provide a refuge for our kids? I know my answer as mom tends to be whenever the child feels threatened or afraid, or just bad. But is that the right answer? This might shock you, but I’m going to say no, that isn’t always the right answer. I’m going […]

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Don’t Forget the Good Kids by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle This little article I’m writing here is a plea – the ministry leaders, youth workers, Jr. Church leaders, and yes, respectfully even a plea to pastors. Please don’t forget the good kids. In your honorable attempts to minister to those hurting, often rebellious kids, don’t forget the ones that are sitting quietly […]

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Faith in God by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle Recently, my youngest – being seven years old – came up to me and said, “Hey mom, close your eyes and open your mouth!” Now you’ll understand better if you keep in mind that this child is an experimenter.  She likes to figure out new ways to make ‘juice’ (usually really strong Crystal Light), […]

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Keep Your Gas Tank Full! by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle So we’re toodling along (yes, that’s a word in my world) down the road in the big black Tahoe. I’ve just come from a meal out with my husband and daughter on her 17th birthday. This is after a full morning of getting Granny up out of bed, fed breakfast, getting to […]

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