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Dance of the Similes and Metaphors by Precarious Yates

Recently, I read a story that pulled me in so strongly that by the third page I completely forgot I was reading. I later went back to study what it was the author did to pull me in so quickly. Then I saw it. The author employed similes and metaphors in a masterful […]

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My Latest Twittersperiment by Mary J. Findley

Send to Kindle My latest Twittersperiment has several sub-experiments running, but I’ll share what’s going on right now. 1. Permalinks. I was introduced to this method of retweeting recently. Retweets are supposed to be better than tweets for sharing other people’s information. Not sure why, but I know I get a lot more retweets since […]

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Events: Book Fairs, Festivals and Conventions

By:  Shawn Lamb For an author, nothing is scarier than striking out on one’s own when it comes to promotion.  When a publicist or agent is involved, they usually take care of arranging books signings or readings. Some even do online blog tours. All of these are good, to a point. Perhaps the […]

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