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The Refuge by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle When do we provide a refuge for our kids? I know my answer as mom tends to be whenever the child feels threatened or afraid, or just bad. But is that the right answer? This might shock you, but I’m going to say no, that isn’t always the right answer. I’m going […]

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Surviving Parenthood by Tina Webb

Send to Kindle  Lately I’ve been thinking about parenting. That statement is kinda funny since I have six children between the ages of 22 and 2 and all of them still live with us (except for #2 who went away for college…but he’ll be home during the summer) — so really, parenting is a constant […]

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Even When It’s Tough

By:  Staci Stallings Some guys run into burning buildings for a living.  Some run into the line of fire to save others.  Those men often absorb injuries to themselves but do what’s necessary despite the danger and pain to do it. My dad is one of those guys except he doesn’t run into […]

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God’s Will – We can’t skip the process, even when it’s frustrating.

By Mikayla Kayne Bedtime was miserable tonight. My four year old was in full fit-mode at every turn. If you’re a parent, you know that bedtime is not optional. It happens every night, without fail, regardless of tantrum or debate. Bedtime happens because sleep is critical, because tomorrow comes, and with it, the […]

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Interview with G&F Author Sarah Witenhafer

Today is it my honor and privilege to introduce you to Sarah Witenhafer.  Sarah’s wit and charm are contagious, and she has a beautiful, bright, fun-loving spirit.  Please welcome, my friend… Sarah Witenhafter! At the risk of where this could go, tell us about yourself, Sarah. I’m 47. Somedays it’s hard to get […]

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My Emily: A Review

Reviewed by Staci Stallings My Emily by: Matt Patterson Love, Sacrifice, Hope… My Emily is a truly beautiful and inspiring story. There are few things more difficult in this life than watching your own child suffer. It is a helplessness that nearly nothing else can match. And when you’re a dad committed to […]

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