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Finding Rest by Naty Matos

I’m sure we’ve all been there. There are days when you fight life and all the unpredictable things that it brings. You hit a bump. You dust yourself, clean your wounds and get up the next day ready to fight again. But sometimes there are seasons were every day is a battle, when […]

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Three Powerful Words by Naty Matos

Send to Kindle Before you read ahead, I want to give you the opportunity to think of three powerful words… Take your time, we’ll wait for you. I can only imagine what three words you thought about. I can only guess that some thought “I love you” or the total opposite “I hate you” There’s […]

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Learning To Grow by Naty Matos

Growing is a part of life, but not always an easy one. Physically, it’s a very basic process…as the time goes by and as long as we are generally healthy it will happen without our intervention. Emotional and spiritually growth requires a little bit more intervention. Part of the spiritual growth requires that […]

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A Hero for Me

By Naty Matos In life we all are in need of a hero. As we face the difficulties we look for a way out. We want a path that will set our journey in a better direction. So we look around for someone to guide that journey. We don’t want empty words of […]

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GNFA’s Memorial Day Sales

Looking for some good reads this weekend. GNFA has 5 Books from our GNFA Authors to recommend to you. Happy Reading! The Road Home  $2.99 Season’s Greeting from Amelia $0.99 Missing $0.99 Love & Redemption $0.99 The Fall $2.99

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Mother’s Day with GNFA

The economy is still in a rough spot and you find yourself trying to find a good present for mom. Is is possible to get Mom something that she would treasure, like a good book, for very little or even free? It is possible with GNFA. Did you buy Mom a Kindle, or […]

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GNFA: A Year in Review

By Naty Matos Well, if you are reading this it means you survived the 1,000th time since the existence of humanity where the end of the world has been announced. I tell you something. In preparation for the world not to end the authors of GNFA have been popping out books like rabbits. […]

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New Beginnings

By Naty Matos As the Grace & Faith 4U blog has been in hiatus since June, I felt the best way to re-launch it would be talking about new beginnings. In life we have those all the time. New chapters that open at certain places of our life journey that provides us with […]

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When All I Can Do Is Pray

By:  Naty Matos Following God requires a few things. First of all I need to acknowledge that He is God and that I’m not. Accept and recognize that he is in control. Know and accept that he knows better than I do because he can see what happened, what is to come and […]

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Meet Grace & Faith 4U Author: Naty Matos

Good morning, everyone! Today we at Grace & Faith 4U are pleased to welcome inspirational author, Naty Matos to our humble abode.  Naty’s book “Growth Lessons” is a collection of devotionals based on her life experiences, questions from fellow Christians and the Word of God. Welcome, Naty.  We’d love to hear a little […]

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