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Women Who Leave

Send to Kindle By Naomi Musch It seemed there had been a rash of it touching the edges of my world — women walking out on their families, their lives, their husbands and children. Not the kind of walking out that comes of being wounded and scarred by abuse, of someone fed up with distrust […]

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Following Our Dreams through Dangerous Delight

Following our dreams can be a lot like Alice following the White Rabbit into the tumbling tunnel that landed her in Wonderland. Think of it — dreams and nightmares — ever notice how closely the two are tied together? Even in our sleep, dreams dancing before our eyes can easily take a hideous […]

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Book Review: Naomi Musch’s “The Red Fury”

Empire in Pine, Book Two The Red Fury by Naomi Musch c. October, 2011 Desert Breeze ISBN 97812162520919 Price $6.99 ebook Amazon: Nearly a generation after The Green Veil, set in the great north woods of Wisconsin in the lumber era, Naomi’s second story in the series, The Red Fury, ramps up […]

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