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All Glorioius Within

By: Mary Findley Psalm 45 is a beautiful passage of Scripture. It describes a king which certainly seems to be the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In verse nine it begins to talk about women, and there are lessons for Christian women and their earthly relationships with men and others in the descriptions found here. […]

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Throwing Out Our Tobiahs and Pulling Some Hair

In Nehemiah 13, Nehemiah had to leave Jerusalem for a time after the rebuilding of the temple and the city. In the previous chapter repentance and cleansing had followed public reading of the Scriptures. Nehemiah apparently thought it would be safe to go back to serving the king of Persia in Susa for […]

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Designer Religion

By Mary Findley Religious liberalism probably finds its roots in Thomas Jefferson. He accepted moral teaching from the Bible but denied the supernatural. The very similar classic Unitarian Universalist position led to Higher Criticism, a denial of the Bible’s historical accuracy and spiritual authority. This gave rise to Charles Augustus Briggs, who openly […]

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