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Unfettered Love

by Sherry Chamblee I recently read an article by someone who was declaring that all love should be without any sort of restriction.   This made me think about some things. Should love be completely unfettered? Is there any restriction on love? Is there a proscription for how we love? Perhaps commands from God about […]

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Where Does Love Come From?

by Ada Brownell I grew up feeling loved, but worried I didn’t deserve it. Well, except God’s love wrapped so tightly around me, I didn’t worry about His love at all. God loved and counted every red hair on my head and every freckle on my face, because He loves everyone whether red, […]

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Dealing with Doubt by Suzanne D. Williams

I’ve been listening to the voices in my head, the ones that say, “Why bother? No one cares if you publish. You might as well give up.” Or, “Look at Miss Author over there, she has tons of fans who comment all the time, but yours never say anything. You’re mediocre. No one […]

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Can you hear it? Valentine’s Day is coming! by Sherry Chamblee

Can you hear it? Valentine’s Day is coming! The Hallmark Channel is doing it’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day…my children are getting adept at avoiding that channel. (Granny likes to watch it.) Of course all the books and movies about love involve instant chemistry and finding the one soul mate that will fulfill all your […]

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The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving

The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father was written to encourage and equip women who are either seeking God or who want to grow closer to God & Christ. At the heart of the book is the concept that we are a valuable treasure and […]

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