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Lima Beans with Legs

By Laura J. Marshall Recently a friend private messaged me a picture on Facebook. It was of a double layer cake decorated with webs and spiders. I quickly tapped her out a message, typing one word at a time with a return in between to get the photo off my screen.   The […]

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A Writer’s Unbelief

By Laura J. Marshall Dear God in Heaven, what have I just promised?   These thoughts haunt me. They tease me in their weightiness and echo through my mind. I’m a writer. I write. And I scare myself to death on a regular basis.   I make promises of the written word, stories […]

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Penny For Your Thoughts

An excerpt from A Mom’s Battle Cry to Overcome Fear By Laura J. Marshall The other day, I was driving the car and I heard a very loud buzzing in the back seat. Over the past year, I have had two experiences where large bees have flown into the car. Those memories assailed […]

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Day Plan Your Gift

By Laura J. Marshall It was approaching mid-January when I realized some of my writing goals for the New Year had already taken a backseat to the busyness of life.  I tried to focus and regain my footing, again trying to stick to the 2-hour time block I had allotted.  The time seemed […]

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A Violent Pen

By Laura J. Marshall The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. A violent heaven. I feel the target as it hangs at my back and see the arrows as they take aim. Does it matter?  Why persist?  Why resist? Do I fear the enemy over the Lord? […]

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Dreams and Doubts

By Laura J. Marshall Sometimes the doubts can overwhelm the dream.  But more than believing in ourselves, we must believe in God; for we know the heaviness of our flesh and our sinful nature.  We must remember that God placed that gift, the gift of our dreams, that burning desire inside of each […]

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