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Holding the Door

By Staci Stallings I’m always amazed by the lessons I learn teaching Sunday School.  Last week was a good example. I teach fourth grade, which is an interesting age.  These kids are just starting their faith journey.  They are not theologians. Their faith is pretty basic and very practical, and I’m convinced that […]

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Pointing To Christ

By Heather Hart Today, my little boy turns 9. His birthday is always easier than his older brothers, but it’s still no less hard for me as a mom to realize that he won’t be little forever. 9 years ago he was born. So little and pure. Yet, as a mom, I have […]

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Dancing in a Field of Daisies

As everyone knows, while we’re on this earth, no one escapes the negatives of life. Christians included. Too, the more years we live, the more time for the effects of unpleasant and stressful issues to accumulate and weigh us down. I used to think that when I got older, I could deal with […]

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A Hero for Me

By Naty Matos In life we all are in need of a hero. As we face the difficulties we look for a way out. We want a path that will set our journey in a better direction. So we look around for someone to guide that journey. We don’t want empty words of […]

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Leaving the Nest

Today is a big day in my family. My twins started Kindergarten today, my oldest son started Middle school, and it’s the first day I will have spent more than a couple of hours on my own almost 6 years. This is a day that I have been looking forward to, with both dread […]

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Identity Crisis

By Mary L. Hamilton While Brady tries to figure out what he did to earn Mom’s rejection, he befriends a blind but capable cabin mate and becomes a target for the camp bully. But when he learns Mom may be in danger, Brady sees his chance to change Dropping a son or daughter […]

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Why Formulas don’t work.

By David Megill My unbelieving friends frequently don’t understand why the world religions just don’t pool their resources, get together and unite over the things upon which we all agree (which to them often seems to sum up as “Don’t murder, Love each other, and don’t judge.”). Some of my believing friends wonder […]

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It’s Okay to Test God

By Rikki Strong And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need. ~Malachi 3:10 ESV   Many times in the Bible, we are told—well, usually we […]

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By Ada Brownell I think it was January 2009 when I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers online Novel Track. Novel Track is designed to motivate writers to set a word count goal, sit down and write a book only looking ahead, not stopping to edit or change anything, but keep writing. I […]

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God’s Mathematics

By June Foster When I was an elementary teacher, I used the Venn diagram to teach the set theory showing the relationship between two groups of objects, numbers, concepts, etc. The other day when I read “Jesus Calling” about our relationship with God, I thought of a small circle with me in the […]

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