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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Ps. 119:49-50 Remember your promise to me, for it is my only hope. Your promise revives me, it comforts me in all my troubles. It is okay to ask the Lord to remember His promises to you. When you are reminded of a promise of God, tell the Lord what […]

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Law in the Heart

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide. (Psalm 37:31) Put the law into the heart, and the whole man is right. This is where the law should be; for then it lies, like the tables of stone in the ark, in […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Pastor Jim Hughes Ps. 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. We don’t know what is going to be in our day. For some of us, there will be great blessings from God. For some of us, there will be great difficulty […]

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We Have An Advocate by Rebekkah Beene

As our granddaughter is getting ready for college life, she’s hit a few bumps in the road. Her grades have remained high and she’s an outstanding student. But signing up for college and getting the right dorm assignment, having all her money in the right place and things like that have taken some […]

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If Jesus Says You’re Okay, You’re Okay With Me by Mary Findley

Send to Kindle Our Sunday School lesson yesterday was about the conversion of Saul, or the Apostle Paul. God had to convince Ananias to go and lay hands on him to restore his sight. Saul had a reputation for murder and mayhem among believers in Christ. But God said go and Ananias went. Some people […]

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Gems from Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes

Ps. 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious; he is slow to get angry and full of unfailing love. What a wonderful verse to meditate upon today! The Lord is merciful. Mercy is God withholding from us that which we deserve. We don’t deserve anything good from God’s hands. We deserve nothing but […]

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Be Ye…But Are We? by Lynn Mosher

Being or doing? Which is it? Which is our attitude? Our mind set? Which is mine? Part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount includes the beatitudes. In each one, a blessing is attached when we are… poor in spirit mournful meek hungry and thirsty for righteousness merciful pure in heart peacemakers persecuted As […]

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Jesus, Superhero by Suzanne D. Williams

In him there was life, and that life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness, a darkness which was not able to master it. (Jn 1:5-6 KNOX) You can’t turn God’s light off. You can cover it up. You can close your eyes and pretend it’s not there. You […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes

Ps. 103:3 He forgives all my sin and heals all my diseases. Don’t overlook the fact that the Lord forgives ALL our sin. When we let Jesus become our Savior, there is not one sin, no matter how big or little it may be, untouched. He is able to do it, and He […]

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Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah by Staci Stallings

One of the really, totally cool things about hanging out with God is how often He brings multiple pieces from varying places together so that you KNOW He’s talking right to you. That actually happens to me a lot. I think many times people don’t “hear” God talking because they seem to think […]

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