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Haggai Delivers a Message from God Lesson 1 Haggai 1:1-15 by Deborah H. Bateman

Send to Kindle Haggai was one of the prophets who were mentioned in Ezra chapter five. He prophesied and exhorted the children of Israel to finish building the Second Temple of God in Jerusalem. In the book of Ezra we were told that Haggai prophesied to the people, but it didn’t give us any of […]

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Excerpt from The Book of Zechariah: A Story of Dreams and Visions By Deborah H. Bateman

Send to Kindle Zechariah’s Dream Lesson 1 Zechariah 1:1-12 Zechariah was one of the Prophets of Israel, along with Haggai who prophesied in the book of Ezra chapter five. His prophesies go from the days of Ezra to the second coming of Christ and Christ’s reign as king of the earth. Zechariah was number eleven […]

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