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by C. J. Peterson Certain characteristics are instilled within us from birth. Given to us by those who we chose as friends and from the family to which we are born. This foundation is the filter through which we see the world. Inevitably, there are rocks and pebbles, sometimes even boulders within the […]

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Video Author Interview about Writing

by Lisa M. Prysock Hello friends!  I hope you enjoy this short interview about writing.  I look forward to answering more of these fun questions!  Author Biography  Lisa M. Prysock is an award-winning, bestselling, Christian and inspirational author of more than 11 novels.  She was born in Minnesota; raised in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio […]

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What in the World Is Steampunk and Why Would a Christian Write About It?

by Mary C. Findley I don’t know why it’s become popular to attach “punk” to music, fashion, and literary genre, but it is what it is. Steampunk can find expression in all these outlets, but many people say it originated in fashion or clothing. It’s a style that draws on the Victorian time […]

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Writers Who Are Christian or Christian Writers? by Parker J. Cole

This year marks the second year anniversary of my show Write Stuff which airs Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern time. I have been privileged to interview authors from around the world of different Christian faith walks, life experiences, and genres. To say “It’s been rewarding” is not adequate enough to express how I […]

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Even When It’s Tough

By:  Staci Stallings Some guys run into burning buildings for a living.  Some run into the line of fire to save others.  Those men often absorb injuries to themselves but do what’s necessary despite the danger and pain to do it. My dad is one of those guys except he doesn’t run into […]

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Author Interview With Paulette Harper

Send to Kindle Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre? Answer: I believe my life experiences prepare me to write the books I do. My first two books are non-fiction, inspirational. Because of a great transition in my life, God used that which I saw as […]

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Not Qualified… Willing

by:  Staci Stallings In preparing you for what you will face as a Sower of Jesus Seed, I must address the one excuse I hear time and again.  Oh, the excuse is true enough–true enough, actually to get a lot of you to give up before you start.  It goes like this: “I’m […]

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By Ada Nicholson Brownell   Today I completed going through the proof of my new book, Imagine the Future You. Hopefully, it’s the last edit I’ll need to do. Info for the book, written for teens and young adults, had been hanging around my desk and computers since the early1990s. The book grew […]

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Check Out the CrossReads “Fall Into Reading” Big Book Sale!

Send to Kindle CrossReads Fall Into Reading Book Sale! Where We Invite You To Fall Into Good, Wholesome Books – And Save Money! During the week of October 7th, readers can get books by several of their favorite CrossReads Christian authors who have joined together to offer their books at bargain prices. Monday through Friday (the 7th-11th), readers […]

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Dancing in a Field of Daisies

As everyone knows, while we’re on this earth, no one escapes the negatives of life. Christians included. Too, the more years we live, the more time for the effects of unpleasant and stressful issues to accumulate and weigh us down. I used to think that when I got older, I could deal with […]

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