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Meet Maggie Montgomery 3/5/2021

by Staci Stallings We at Christian Ereader News would like to welcome Maggie Montgomery.  Maggie is the new nanny for billionaire Conrad Ayers’ children. CEN:  Thanks for coming today, Maggie. Maggie:  Thank you for having me. CEN:  Tell us a little about your new job. Maggie:  Oh, well, my new job is great.  […]

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Character Interview With Jonathan of The Baron’s Ring by Mary C. Findley

Send to Kindle Character interview with Jonathan of The Baron’s Ring Q: What is your relationship to Prince Tristan of Parangor? A: I came to the capital city to be a squire to the prince. I was supposed to help him learn swordplay and warcraft. However, he preferred books and study, while I became accomplished […]

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Character Interview: Interview with Leah Masters from Send a White Rose by Mary C. Findley

Send to Kindle Hi, we’re interviewing Leah Masters from Mary C. Findley’s book Send a White Rose. Leah is here to tell us how a lovely young society lady from Boston ended up in territorial New Mexico, in the middle of an assassination plot against the man who sent for you to discuss marriage. 1. […]

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