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Dreams of Sweetwater River

by Lisa Prysock Thank you so much for having me on the GNF Blog!  I would love to share with you a little about my new release, Dreams of Sweetwater River, Book 3 in the ‘Whispers in Wyoming’ series.  This 45,000 word- range western, contemporary, Christian novel released yesterday.  It is currently on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.  I […]

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Unanswered Prayer

by Mary Hamilton Many times, writers find themselves experiencing the very same faith crisis they’re putting their characters through. This was certainly true for me while writing my latest book, Pendant. The main character, Elaine, has given up on God and prayer after many years of seeing no answer to her most fervent request. She […]

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Gems from Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 13:10 Pride leads to arguments; those who take advice are wise. Pride is one of the biggest battles we all fight. It is so hard to get rid of and no one can do it perfectly. We have a need to be appreciated by others and it makes us […]

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The Sheriff’s Bride ~ Family Feuds

by Patricia PacJac Carroll Come on back in time with me to the little town of Shirleyville located in Solomon’s Valley in Montana, 1883. Take a whiff of the clean fresh air. Gaze at the towering mountains and pines. Delight in the blue skies and lakes.   The Sheriff’s Bride is Book 3 of the Montana […]

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How to Avoid the Slush Pile

Editor’s Note: The Following is an article written by Tonya Barbee, a client of Paulette Harper, one of our regular contributors. by Tonya Barbee Do your homework first.  I recommend checking out the most current Guide to Literary Agents that is published yearly.  Don’t move forward without getting a hold of this book. […]

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A Review Revisited: Nowhere to Hide

by Paula Rose This review appeared on Books-N-Reviews on Publishers Marketplace by Paula Rose  Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Published: March 1, 2015 | Format: eBook (224 pages) and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B00TG0KAAU and ISBN: 9780736917483 | Origin: NetGalley    Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers  Thoughts: In NOWHERE TO HIDE, Sigmund Brouwer pens a […]

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Wings – Free 10/2-10/6/2017

WINGS  SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS   FREE 10/2-10/6/2017    Author’s Note: This story is in large part an allegory, giving physical form to spiritual truths. Though I have taken some liberty with the abilities of the main characters, the power of God to bring complete salvation – of the heart, the mind, and the […]

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Reflections of Our Heritage & New Book Release Geneva

by Lisa M. Prysock I’m so thankful for the Christian heritage the Lord has given me. So many seeds of love and truth were planted in my life through those God placed in my life. Perhaps you are also thankful for someone in your life who shared the Word with you. My grandparents […]

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The Destiny Trilogy

by Cris Pasqueralle The Destiny Trilogy by Cris Pasqueralle From Book 1: On the day of their thirteenth birthdays, twins Jack and Maddie Austin receive a special gift from their wizard relative Uncle Benny: two necklaces, along with a note shrouded in secrecy. The celebration is interrupted by three intruders, led by the evil […]

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An Excerpt from “A Time to Love”

by Staci Stallings Sunday slipped by into memories all too quickly, and when evening came, it found Scott and Jenna once again by the pool. She was going to miss this space.  “I know this is kind of quick,” Scott said, “but have you thought about a date?”  “A date?” she asked and […]

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