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The Congregation of the Beloved To One Another Part Two by Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle Three truths we should remember about our love for each other: 1. We are to love one another in the same way Jesus (Yeshua) loves us. He gave up his life for us and we, with his love and power, can give up our own interests for what our brothers and sisters […]

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The Congregation of the Beloved To One Another Part One by Allison

Send to Kindle We, the Church of the living God – the congregation of the Beloved, are built on the Rock of our Salvation, Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach). He, the chief cornerstone, is a sure foundation for us to build our lives on. We are living stones in the Temple of our God, Yahweh. […]

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Miracle On A Mountain by Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle It was a few weeks before Christmas and I wanted to buy some toys for my children I couldn’t find on the Air Force Base where we lived or in the small town of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. A friend of mine wanted to visit the stores in Arecibo, Ponce, and Mayaguez […]

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Up a Tree By Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle There was an old black bear rug hanging on the wall in the basement. When the children asked where it came from and why it was there the old folks said, “That’s the bear Rob killed with a 22”. Now even a child knows you can’t kill a bear with a 22”; […]

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Selections From the Life of an Old Woman by Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle Coriolis was my best friend. She loved the music of the trees and grasses, and the soft songs of nature. She understood the music of the violin when I played it. She heard the wind sing through the strings, and the beautiful classical music touched her soul. In the last few months […]

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Line Upon Line: An Old Woman’s Diary by Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle “Happiness is a perfume you can’t pour on others without getting some on yourself.” Mother’s Day, May 3, 1990. Church services have always been important to me and I was looking forward to the fellowship, but today was a calamity. The whole church seemed to be separated from me today. There are […]

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Anger by Allison Kohn

Send to Kindle Bailey left her nice little and her cat to help her missionary friend, Donna. She lived in some little rooms behind Donna’s house and went into the house every day and worked in the office. Donna had a cat too – a very highly strung cat. The cat was lonesome and missed […]

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Send to Kindle   Many years ago God, through the Holy Spirit, told mani how the universe came to be. The history of man began with God. First he created the heavens and the earth. The earth was a desolate ruin with no form. The surface of the bottomless sea was hidden by darkness, and […]

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