Spirit fall

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Spirit fall
Spirit fall
Holy Spirit fall
Fall on me

In this song, Chris Tomlin asks for the Holy Spirit to fall on him. He wants the Holy Spirit alive in him. Let’s look at the Holy Spirit for a minute, so we know what Chris Tomlin wants.

In Acts 1:8, Luke tells us that we receive power when the Holy Spirit comes into us. Jesus told the disciples that He would send a Helper in John 14:15-17, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.  And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever,  even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” The Holy Spirit is referred to here as the Helper. We have been given One Who will help us in things we cannot do. In Mark 16:17-18, we are told of the miracles we can perform with the power of the Holy Spirit. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the disciples cast out demons, spoke in tongues, healed the sick, and did many other miraculous things.

These things are not the only things we can learn about the Holy Spirit, but we can get a picture of what Chris Tomlin wants. He wants to be able to proclaim the name of Christ and fulfill the will of God. I personally want this also. To be able to perform miracles for Christ is amazing. This does not always mean healing people or casting out demons. Some other things we may do for Christ include being able to speak or sing well. We may be athletic and be able to reach out to others through that. You have an amazing gift that you are meant to use, so find out what that is, and start using it to glorify God. Now let’s continue with the song.

Like a mighty wind
Light the fire again
Come and breathe Your breath on me

I am sure you have experienced this, and I know for a fact I have. When someone is first saved, they are on fire for God. They cannot get enough of the Word, and want to tell everybody about it. The same thing occurs after a youth trip, adult retreat, or mission trip. You go on one of these things and you are extremely excited about sharing the story of Christ.


Then life happens. We go back to work, back to school, or back to take care of the kids. We slowly sink back to the daily routine which does not include spreading the story of Christ, reading your Bible, or otherwise being on fire for God.

Chris Tomlin sings this asking God to light the fire again. I completely understand this, and many people have trouble with this. Make it your prayer for God to breathe His breath on you; to sweep in like a mighty wind and light the fire again. This may be a prayer that you need to pray frequently. I know for a fact I pray daily for God to bring me closer to Him.

As Christians, we are called to shine for Christ, and that is the reason weShine: Foundations of a Strong Walk With God has been written. We are called to be a shining light in the midst of the darkness of this world. That is why this book has been written. weShine is a book to help you in your walk with God. This book is very simple, and guides you through the basics of the Christian faith, so you can stand strong against Satan, and shine bright in the darkness!

In the summer of 2011 I decided I wanted to learn web design, and started writing devotions as content for the website I was making. Later that summer, I heard 4 different variations of the phrase, “Let your light shine before others” from 4 different pastors, read it in my daily reading, and in an article online. The common sense in me told me something was being revealed to me. I prayed, asking God what all it meant. Through this, 1LightforGod.net was started. I was able to further my website design, but put more emphasis on learning more about God, writing, and sharing that writing with others. I wanted to reach others for Him. Before long, I was writing one devotion a week. After a few months of writing, I found I love to write. From this love came the execution of the idea to help others grow in their walk with Christ through a book. Click the image below for more information on this book

Feel free to drop by my website for more information on the book: http://JoshuaBedford.com/the-book The official website for the book is: http://weShineSeries.com You can find the paperback book on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/weshine

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