Redeeeming Lily by Patricia PacJac Carroll

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Redeeming Lilly

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Lilly kept her eyes forward, her chin up, and her heart encased in stone as the ‘good’ sheriff led her to the train station. She’d been run out of more saloons and towns than she had fingers to count. Didn’t matter. She’d find another town. Another saloon. Another chance. She glanced at the shining sun and hoped the next town would be different.


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Breathing in the fresh mountain scent of pine mixed with some kind of sweet wildflower helped her settle her mind. The breeze was cool, the sun warm, and the mountain gleamed in the sunlight against the blue sky.

Sadly, she loved Hickory Stick.

“Don’t let the dust settle on your shoes, girl.” She chuckled. Not like that would happen since they were caked with mud. Her laugh died in her throat. If it was a nice town, she’d not be welcome for long. If it was a rowdy town, she’d hate it and eventually get run out anyway. Either way, she’d not stay long.

She stared at the saloon. Didn’t seem that busy. In fact, the whole town appeared sleepy. Carrying her satchel, she decided to walk to the end of town. Maybe find a place to sit and enjoy the fresh air before she traded it for the smoke-filled saloon.

Careful to miss puddles, she walked past Bessy’s boarding house. Overhanging trees shaded the road that the stage driver had said went to a silver mine. She stopped at a trail leading into the woods. Curious, she ventured down the path. Stepping on wet leaves, she dodged the occasional spider web and wiped away water droplets from the trees.

Lilly halted. In the midst of a stand of pine, sat the prettiest log carved into a bench. She approached the bench with respect. Someone had taken the time to carve a rose into the back. Suddenly tired, she sat down and let the quiet settle inside her.

She couldn’t think of the last time she’d been somewhere so peaceful. Closing her eyes, she drank in the sweet air, and listened to birds calling one another. So free. So perfect.

Dark thoughts popped her eyes open. She didn’t belong here. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was trespassing on holy ground.

She started to rise when the image of the newborn baby flashed before her. Lilly traced the moment in her mind when the infant had stopped crying and looked at her through innocent eyes. Sarah’s hard labor and pain had brought forth such a miracle.

Lilly shook her head. If only she could be born again. This time to a parent that cared. One that loved her.

One that kept her from the dirt of this world.

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