Recipe for a Southern Barbeque by BJ Robinson

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I’m from the South and my husband is from the North, so I was used to Southern barbeques. What he called barbeque was simply plain grilled to me, so I was disappointed to find that when he said barbecue, it was plain grilling. To me, barbeque means with barbeque sauce. I love to smell it cooking.

He grills his with no sauce, and I use Kraft honey barbeque sauce or hickory smoke on mine. He enjoys steaks and burgers. I enjoy those, but I also enjoy hot dogs and chicken legs as well as boneless lemon-pepper chicken breasts, which he doesn’t like. I like to make homemade potato salad, but he doesn’t eat it. He opts for a baked potato. That’s okay. I have leftover potato salad, and the flavor goes through it, and it’s even better the next day.

In the South, we use barbeque sauce. The northern one is easy. Just put it on the grill plain.

In my books, you will often find characters enjoying a barbeque. Since the Fourth of July will soon be here, and many families will barbecue, here is a way to experience barbecued or just plain grilled for your tastes. Have a safe family day this federal holiday that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. When Old Glory ripples with the wind, enjoy the time with your family and thank those who have kept freedom waving.

Step 1: Grill the meat until lightly browned and sauce. Some put sauce on it while it is raw. I do. He waits. It works either way. I like mine not burnt, but dark and a little black won’t hurt me.

You can also barbeque fish or shrimp. Love them both.

Step 2: The Potato Salad:

Peel, wash, and clean about three pounds of potatoes or use a five-pound bag if you have someone else to help you eat the salad. Boil potatoes and three eggs. Peel eggs and chop. Dice pickles, olives, green onions, and use about one teaspoon mustard, if you like it. Leave out the onions if you don’t care for them. Some people do not use the mustard in the potato salad and use only mayo. I like both. If you like, you can use spicy mustard. I usually use the yellow.

Mix and include the mayo to taste. Season with salt, pepper, or seasonings you enjoy. Tip: If you refrigerate the potato salad and let it get cold, and you have used the green onions, you will find the flavor goes through it more. You will need to refrigerate it regardless to keep it from spoiling, but some people like to eat it while it’s fresh and hot. I enjoy mine cold.

To me, a barbeque is not one without potato salad. I have discovered I also enjoy the Amish potato salad and if I don’t have time to make my own, I will buy a container of it from Publix, but I still like my homemade the best.

The neat thing is you can make the potato salad to suit your tastes by putting in or leaving out what you please. If you’ve never tried a southern barbeque, you might find you like it. However, my husband still doesn’t eat potato salad and will put no sauce on his meat. He wants it just plain grilled. We used to enjoy this potato-salad recipe for family gatherings of any type. It goes well with many dishes besides barbecue. Fried chicken and potato salad is a given. It goes well with beef stew. For the Fourth of July, we always had barbeque and potato salad. Enjoy.

You might enjoy a little historical romance as you savor those flavors and scents cooking with the breeze sending them through the air. Below you will find a small blurb about my latest two novels.

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About the Author:

B. J. RobinsonB. J. Robinson pens historical romance from her home in Florida as three dogs keep her company. She has five children and thirteen grandchildren. Visit her Amazon Author Page for a selection of books in various genres and to discover more historical romance.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post BJ! I loved reading about your recipe for homemade potato salad and your barbecues! We love to barbecue here too. My husband loves lemon pepper chicken. I like just about everything with Sweet Baby Ray’s brown sugar BBQ sauce. It’s so delicious if you like a sweet and tangy sauce… we do a lot of cooking baked beans and homemade potato salad here too.


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