Pointing To Christ

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By Heather Hart

Today, my little boy turns 9. His birthday is always easier than his older brothers, but it’s still no less hard for me as a mom to realize that he won’t be little forever.

9 years ago he was born. So little and pure. Yet, as a mom, I have to realize that we don’t live in a pure world. He was born with cancer and has been bullied at school. While the world might not see him as perfect, he will always be perfect to me. But that doesn’t make his life any easier.

So what will?

The only answer to that question, is Christ.

I can’t go to school and make sure everyone is being fair – but I can let him know that God is always with Him and will watch over him no matter what.

I can’t take back the damage that the cancer did to his eyes, but God can bring him through it.

I believe our job as parents isn’t so much as to produce perfect and happy children as it is to point our imperfect children to our perfect Savior and let Him heal their hearts and help them through whatever they are going with.

Years ago I started volunteering for Shelley Hitz and her ministry FindYourTrueBeauty.com. We provide free teen devotionals for girls that have been read around the world. It’s a ministry I wished would have existed when I was a teen. Yet, we use to get e-mails from moms, youth leaders, and even girls, asking for devotions just for guys.

As a mom of little boys I thought that would be a great addition – but knew that I wasn’t qualified to step up as a women. Women need women, men need men. That’s God’s call to us in Titus 2 – but I couldn’t let it go. I got too many e-mails for that, and I knew my own boys were getting older.

I finally brought it up to my husband and he joined together with Shelley’s husband, CJ, and made that request a reality. FindYourTrueStrength.com – the teen guy’s site – officially launched earlier this week and their first devotional book, “21 Teen Devotionals… for Guys!” is available free today on Kindle.

I don’t think that ministries like this can ever replace parents pointing their kids to Christ, but I do believe that they are a great tool teens to strength their walk. Many youth leaders have used our teen girl devotionals as sermon starters for their youth meetings, and I pray that the teen guy devotions will be equally as helpful. I know as my guys grow that they will need them.

What about you?

Do you have kids? What resources have you found the most helpful for pointing them to Christ?


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First and foremost a servant of Christ, Heather Hart is also a wife, mother, and internationally best-selling author. Heather and her husband, Paul, serve the Lord side-by-side.  Besides their ministry to teens, they also help other Christian authors with designing, publishing and marketing their books. You can find out more about Heather and Paul’s author ministry at www.authorshart.com

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