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Hello everyone, Well, 2015 is over and 2016 is upon us. With the New Year we always make one, two, or more resolutions and common among all of these is “I resolve to Read Through the Bible this Year”. We get about the middle of February and the resolutions go out the window and we never keep them and I hardly blame you. when you get to Numbers with all of those numbers, and the genealogies are a real show shopper. Until now!.

I have been using a new Bible Reading System that I can’t wait to get to every morning. If I miss a day I notice it and can’t wait to catch up because I enjoy reading the Bible this new way.

I enjoyed this Bible Reading Program so much I put it into a Kindle eBook so others can get the benefit of the Life Changing system. I use the World English Bible with the Bible Reading System wrapped around it. The new eBook is called “Life Changing Bible Reading System – WEV” and I have included a spread sheet to help you keep track of your Bible Reading.

Life Changing Bible Reading System

You can get this Bible Reading System for FREE now and everyday. This is a PermaFree eBook on my web site Sherrard’s eBook Resellers.

This is not the only Bible Reading System I have on my web site. These come with a cost however.

One Year Bible American Standard Version

One Year Bible King James Version

One Year Bible World English Version

The above three have a cost associated with them but you will find that they are much less that you would expect to pay.

I am doing this to help you finally to be able to keep your New Years Resolution of Reading Through the Bible in a Year although the Life Changing Bible Reading System actually allows you to read through the Bible two and a half times. It is for serious Bible readers and will revolutionize your life if you stay with it. It takes about an hour to read through all ten lists. If you want to break it up you can read lists 1-5 in the morning for 30 minutes and 6-10 for 30 minutes to have a morning and evening reading if you would rather read it that way. You will still get the same benefit.

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