New Release – God: Accused or Excused

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by Tina Webb

My husband finished the second book of The God On Trial series entitled God: Accused or Excused. The series discusses whether God is responsible for everything bad that happens. 

As Christians, we can believe that God is distant, mean or arbitrary. We face situations that don’t make sense in light of the verse: God is love. God’s love is hard to see when the bills are unpaid or when relationships are in turmoil. God: Accused or Excused  discusses how we blame God for everything bad that happens because we have a belief that He is in control. However, is our view of control different that the way God functions? Yes.

When it comes to defining control, let’s ask ourselves if we truly believe God can prevent school shootings, war, drug abuse, disease, and famine. Christian doctrine uses the term sovereign to describe God’s hand in the affairs of mankind. Omnipresence suggests that God hovers over schools and homes, discerning the intents of a murderous heart ready to go on a shooting spree However, an improper understanding of God’s sovereignty can lead to viewing God as able to control the thoughts and actions of every human being and even nature itself; therefore, when we face hardship, we blame God. Even insurance companies allow for “acts of God”.

When a child dies or a stable job situation disintegrates, we usually harbor a subconscious level of anger towards God although our religious conditioning would have us deny it. We mull over the reasons he could possibly put us in this bad situation. Does he want to teach us a lesson? Did we sin?

Instead of blaming God for our personal hardships and tragedies, I invite you to study the scriptures that Doug presents in this book. There are reasons for our tragedies that go beyond the natural eye and the reasons are outside of God’s control.

In other words, evil is real.

“You were the anointed cherubYou were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, Till iniquity was found in you. (Ezekiel 28:14-15 NKJV)

Iniquity preceded Adam and Eve’s existence. Usually referred to as sin, iniquity brought chaos to the heavenly angelic realm and devastation to our planet. A sin-affected Earth was never our Creator’s intention.  Abba’s Lament is my fictional account of Ezekiel 28 for readers who enjoy reading fantasy novels.

I believe God is whispering to us: “I set up natural and supernatural laws. If I broke them, I’d be a lawbreaker. I released control of the Earth to mankind. The first man had the authority to permit or forbid but he bowed to evil. So I had to find a way through mankind to destroy evil. Mankind would have to put the devil in his place. I’m waiting for my followers to receive the fullness of the Cross, which defeated evil. My human representatives are My hands and feet to heal and restore.” (Genesis 1-3, Psalm 115:16, Romans 8:18-22)

When it came to premature death, Jesus resurrected all who came to him. When it came to civil systems, Jesus highlighted the corruption so that his followers would understand that nothing will change unless a person’s heart is changed. Your irritating co-workers need a heart change. The spouse who left you needs a heart change. The murderous teen who was bullied needs a heart healed by a revelation of Jesus Christ. When it comes to heftier tragedies like premature death or famine, our ability to function in Jesus Christ’s level of faith is key. Six loaves of bread can feed thousands. Diseases can be cured. Miracles are supposed to happen daily. (Mark 6: 33-44, Luke 8:40-56)

Blaming God is understandable when we don’t have all the facts. But understanding God’s heart and intents takes him off the hook and propels us into living a life where we function as God’s hands and feet to heal and restore.

Doug’s website, myFather’scrown, reveals the greatness of God’s love as a father. “We all are born with a father, but some of us never know them. They can just be a name on a birth certificate. I want to teach people how to know God, not just memorize facts about him.” Doug’s first book, “I Was Framed, Signed, God”, has been well received and the sequel, God: Accused or Excused was released March 18, 2018. 



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