My Opinion of the Narnia Movies

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By Shaina Cilimberg

I am nerdy and immature enough to be a Narnia fan. However, I just want to get some things in the open. I am an author and I get that books take a lot of time, energy and patience. There’s this love/hate relationship going on between you and what you do. However, what annoys me is when people complain about the movies. They may not be exactly like the books, but I like both. To read people’s complaints about the movies, especially the parts I like takes the joy out of it for me.

Another thing is people saying I have to grow up, or being told to read books that would help with my writing. Granted, Narnia was written a long time ago but there is still inspirational stuff in there. Some of my writings have been inspired in part by the books and movies. It puts a lot of pressure on me when people say I can’t be a fan of Narnia, Justin Bieber or whatever do to my age. No, I don’t have posters of either in my room and I don’t kiss every picture of Justin Bieber that I see. I don’t have a Narnia shrine in my room or wear the clothes from the movies all the time. I get that the Bible talks about putting away childish things in 1Cor. 13. If you read the verse, it was about love. So those childish things would be impatience, not being kind, getting frustrated easily, selfishness, etc. They would not be writing “Bubbles” on your Facebook page or getting excited about something. So, being called immature and realizing I cannot make my 21st century characters talk like London kids from the 40s and fifties kind of puts a damper on things a little bit. The books are fun to read though and I love the movies.

I love Narnia because:

  1. Edmund’s Redemption. In fact, Kirk and Josh have hints of Edmund in them if you look closely. I would not mind if someone actually imagined Kirk looking like Edmund (Skandar Keynes)
  2. Eustace’s baptism. Read Acts 2:37-2:38, Mark 16:16
  3. The humor in both books and movies
  4. Lucy’s innocence. I am a lot like Lucy in that people do not usually believe me when I’m telling the truth, even though they should.
  5. It speaks against bullying. Read Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Silver Chair.
  6. Cute guys in the movies. (Will Moseley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Will Poulter)
  7. Relatable characters. It does not matter what time period or how, bullying is bullying.
  8. Biblical meanings, “There I have another Name”- Aslan. Aslan’s death for Edmund’s sin and Resurrection
  9. Good inspiration for writing
  10.  The fun the cast had while making the movies.

We’ve all sinned, most of us have been bullied ( I have somewhat and not only by people at school), we all need God and face it: the closeness of the characters is inspirational in and of itself.

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