My darkest days

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By Jen Gentry

When I was asked to write this devotional I started to panic. You see I love the Lord with all my heart
and I remind the Lord every day “I have never not believed.” I can’t remember a time in my life when
I did not know the Lord Jesus as my personal savior. I have recited the sinner’s prayer many different
times in my life as I rededicated my life to him. But I still can’t recall a time when I did not know of Jesus
and believe that he died on the cross for my sins.

Back to my original panic here, how can I write a devotional in what I deem to be one of the darkest
periods of my life in what has been the worst year of my life? How can I share what the Lord has done
for me and how he has saved me when I am suffering so? There is only one way. I have to believe. John

Let me share with you how this past year has changed my life forever. My story is heartbreaking and
difficult to tell. On February 2, 2012 my youngest son was backing out of my driveway struck my two-
year-old granddaughter and killed her. He was her uncle as she was the daughter of my oldest son.

How can I convey in words the heartache me and my family have suffered? Sadly I find there are no
words. The pain is indescribable. In the hours and days immediately following this great tragedy our
church stepped in to minister to us and an entire community reached out to my grieving family. Some
of us questioned how could God let this happen? I got on my knees and prayed. I was hurt, angry,
confused. I begged and pleaded for my granddaughter back, but the Lord told me very clearly. He is
sovereign. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess…Romans 14:11

I promised God that I would praise him through this awful storm. I did not know what else to do so I
praised him. It was then in my complete surrender that changes began to take place in my home. My
husband who always confessed to being a Christian but never lived the life started going to church with
me. He rededicated his life to Lord. This may sound like it was a very simple thing, but let me tell you for
me this was huge. This was an answer to a prayer I had been praying for over the last twenty years.

In the months following I completed a novel I had been working on for the last year. It was not my first
work, but it was the one I felt the most sure about. This was the work I would see published for the first
time. The Lord has performed a great and mighty work in my life over the last year and I give him all the
praise and glory for it.

I have learned it is when our days are at their darkest we must cling to him the most. Just as King David
praised the Lord continuously during times of great tragedy as when his first son from Bathsheba passed
away and the Lord was merciful and forgave David his sins. So must we be like David and cry out to
the Lord as we sing his praises in the midst of the storms in our lives. Psalms 9-10 It is in our complete
surrender to the Lord that he can do his most mighty works in our lives.

The Gift of Light

imag002Emily and her Aunt Gemma are two very special women. They see into the spiritual realm and commune with angels. With this exciting tale, reminiscent of the great Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, debut author Gentry portrays in realistic terms the angelic and demonic creatures who inhabit our world, and why.

A centuries-old battle, waged in the heavenly realm between the forces of good and evil, is fast reaching a flashpoint in Hook Pond. Demon Prince Azelius has a centuries-old stronghold over the family of Senator Brad Steel, whose goal is to become President of the United States, a goal Azelius wants him to achieve. Azelius wants the senator’s son as well, but someone is praying and interfering with his plans. That someone must be silenced, permanently.

When young Bradley Steel finds the Lord, he goes through a profoundly life-changing experience. He is overwhelmed with the need to ask forgiveness for an adolescent transgression that has haunted his life. Marta forgives him and promises forgetfulness as well. They become friends and eventually fall in love and marry. Bradley goes to Afghanistan as chaplain and is critically wounded in an explosion, but a pregnant Marta is told of his death.

With the presidential election drawing near, Senator Steel makes his bid, and threatened with exposure of past misdeeds including adultery and kidnapping ending with murder, he utilizes his demonic connections to summon the Ba’al and a shaman priest.

A spine tingling ending that will have you cheering.

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