Magnificent God by Tina Webb

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Tina Webb

How totally amazing is the perfection of His legal transaction. Jesus Christ paid our penalty once and for all. How wonderful is His love! How miraculous is this great exchange! How breathtaking is His favor! The perfection of His new covenant and the magnificence of His plan evoke the deepest sentiments of gratitude from our hearts. He secured eternal life with His Life.
What is eternal life anyway?

John 17:3 says it is knowing Him. In the Greek “know” is translated as an experiential knowledge of God.

Have you ever experienced something so breathtaking that its glory is forever etched in your memory? This picture is my first sunset which I experienced at 5:46 am one morning.

Two of my children and I stood on an Atlantic coast beach and stared as the light sky whispered of its upcoming showcase. Moments later, a small orange curve entered the center of the watery horizon. I watched as the sun rose, slowly, its bright glow evoking one word from my lips: “magnificent”. I silently worshiped Jesus Christ as I watched the daily sign that had been set in our earthly sky.

The end of my novel, Abba’s Lament highlights God’s magnificent plan for redemption. Mind you, it is not an easy task to write a speculative fantasy Christian novel. This literary task kept me prayerful as I considered time before Adam was created.
Setting: Heaven’s Throne, The Father (Abba) and Emmanuel (pre-incarnate Christ) discuss the recent rebellion, the banishment of one-third of the angels (tenants) and future plans for the earth.

From Epilogue of Abba’s Lament

“Abba, what about the rest of our universe? The rebels can go anywhere, can they not?”

“They cannot. I have set the boundaries of the rebel’s domain. Earth is their domain.”
Abba looked at the Earth. It convulsed and heaved as it traveled in its orbit.

“I will renew Earth by My Spirit. I will remake the desolate places and one day Earth will again reflect My glory. I will create again. I will create a new being. But this time,” Abba’s heart swelled in excitement, “I will breathe My Spirit into this being. I will create him and he will procreate. I will put seed in him. All earthly beings will originate from him. I will create him a little lower than the tenants, but I will create him in Our image, in Our likeness.” Abba gazed at the Earth. “I will ordain him as leader of Earth.”
Emmanuel looked out towards Earth. “Abba, this new being will still have the ability to choose.”

Abba nodded slowly. “Yes, that is correct. And Satan, the Queen of Heaven and every rebel tenant will attempt to pervert Truth and cause this new being to worship other gods and themselves. They will disguise Truth at any cost.”

Abba removed His eyes from Earth and stared at His Son.

Emmanuel, the Bright and Morning Star knew His Father’s thoughts. Agreement was instant.

“My Son, My plan is holy. It will defeat evil. It will hold captivity captive. It will defeat the power of iniquity and sin. It will defeat death and its fruit. And one day…”

Abba looked at Earth and could hear the groaning of His creation crying out in dismay. What had been created to be beautiful, bountiful, lush and majestic was becoming a dark wasteland, void of life.

“Yes, Abba, one day…” agreed Emmanuel.

In unison they replied, “It will be finished.”

What a magnificent plan. Hallelujah!

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