Lainey Sparks (Faith & Fame Series) by Laura J. Marshall

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Lainey Sparks

A Glimpse of Autumn as Fall approaches in an excerpt from Christian romance author Laura J. Marshall’s newest release, Lainey Sparks (Faith & Fame Series)

Back Blurb:

What do you do when all you’ve thought important seems like a charade?

Meet Lainey Sparks, worship leader turned Christian recording artist. People look to her to lead them to God but she doesn’t know her motives anymore. Then she’s introduced to Nick DeAngelo, a man with a secret. Could he ruin her reputation and ultimately her career? Or is he the only one she knows to lean on when tragedy strikes?

The first book in the Faith & Fame series. Novella Length Christian Romances.

Lainey Sparks – Lead Singer of Christian Band, Depth

Stormy Towne – Heiress to the Towne Fortune

Caroline Winters – Food TV Celebrity Chef


Agony of the sweetest kind. Her lips with words of praise lifted to God. If he was a lesser man he’d want to possess her, to hold her ransom for her kisses and her song. But instead he felt awed and humbled. She had a beautiful heart and it caused him pause. What would become of them?

“Where should we start?” He asked, pouring the hot tea into the mugs and handing one to Lainey. Normalcy. Reality. Him back to work on Monday and her, leading the life of a famous Christian singer in Seattle.

She reached for the mug and thanked him softly. Then she opened the Bible, turning the pages at random. “I like to flip around, pray while I do it and just start reading. Sound, okay?”
She squeezed deeper into his heart. “Yes, perfect.” He crossed his legs and took a sip of the green tea he’d chosen for their date.

Lainey began to read, “And when the ark of the covenant of the Lord came into the camp, all Israel shouted so loudly that the earth shook. Now when the Philistines heard the noise of the shout…”

The breeze carried her voice to his ear, mingling with the smell of fall and the sight of the colors of life all around. A treasured delight to his senses. The nearby trees hushed in softness as they paused in their dance to listen. She’d stop now and again, letting the echo of her words wash over them. He’d nod at her words, watching the branches stir and dip. Clouds rolled past, the laughter of nearby children adding to the melody, and still they sat.

Nick passed Lainey the brownies and while she was busy eating, he took the Bible. He prayed for wisdom, direction, and then flipped it open and began to read to her. The intimacy between them fell full force on him. He wanted to bow his head, cry out, and thank God for it. His Word. His plan in his life and Lainey’s. Instead he swallowed over the lump in his throat and read.

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Laura J Marshall

Laura J. Marshall is a full-time mom of five boys. When not on active duty, she is the best-selling author of Christian Romance. You can find Laura’s books on Amazon. Visit her on Facebook or Twitter or on her website at

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