It’s All About Love

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By Erin Lamb

It’s all about love.

I Thought I Knew What Love Was is a compilation of reflections on my walk with God. There are love
letters from God and love letters to God. There are psalms, prayers, and poems. Like any relationship
there is an exchange between two hearts. Most of us know in our minds that God is love. We can quote
John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in
Him will have everlasting life.” We have head knowledge of God’s love, but not always heart knowledge
of God’s love.

How can I say we don’t have heart knowledge of God’s love? Fear is a lack of trust in God’s love for us.
When we worry, we are saying God does not love us enough to take care of our situations. Disobedience
and rebellion are manifestations of a lack of understanding of God’s love. When we truly know how
much God loves us, we know He only says no to things that will destroy us. Choosing to put other things
before God is rooted in an inadequate acceptance of His love. When we know how valuable we are to
God, we forsake all others and seek Him. Insecurity is rooted in a flawed view of God’s love. If we knew
the great detail God went into to create us, we would delight in what He created.

The world is in desperate need of God’s love. Human love has failed us. Romantic love has jaded us. We
see relational crisis all over the news. Our self love and self help has failed us. All paths point to this one
truth, “We need God.” His love does not fail. Our world is filled with people who are void of God’s love,
and they are trying to love other people. It does not work. It may be okay, but it is not excellent love.
God’s love is agape love. It is a love that is not dependant on the recipient. It never ceases to be. God is

love. His love is patient, kind, long-suffering, selfless, compassionate, healing, restoring, and life giving. If
we were all filled with God’s love, there would be diminished evil in the world.

About Erin

imagesCAMKUI04From the time Erin Lamb was a child, she was curious about the God. She grew up in a home
with a pastor and Sunday school teacher, which made knowing God a part of everyday life.
More than reading about Him, her heart longed to know Him personally. Along this journey, she
picked up a pen and paper and began to write about her experiences with God and His responses.

I Thought I Knew What Love Was is a book for every person who wants to plunge deeper
into the heart of God. If circumstances or life have made God seem distant or cold, the words
on these pages will lure your heart on a journey with the God of the high and low places.
Understanding the depths of God’s love during the good and the challenging times is essential to
living a joy-filled life. Erin has captured the heart of God through prayers, sonnets, and poems
that reveal the human experience in relation to God. If you have ever felt as though God doesn’t
understand you, then poems like “Agape” “Even If” and “Our Deepest Need” will reveal God’s
unfailing love for you. Whether you find yourself in the difficult places, or on the mountaintop,
your heart and mind will be drawn to a more intimate place where you commune with God.

God is love. If we want to change the world, it starts with having a deeper revelation of the height,cover-iib
width, depth, and vastness of God’s love. Once we receive His love, we give it away. What does the
world need? The world needs God’s love.


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