Interview with G&F Author Sarah Witenhafer

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Today is it my honor and privilege to introduce you to Sarah Witenhafer.  Sarah’s wit and charm are contagious, and she has a beautiful, bright, fun-loving spirit.  Please welcome, my friend… Sarah Witenhafter!

At the risk of where this could go, tell us about yourself, Sarah.

I’m 47. Somedays it’s hard to get over that fact and remember anything else. Where did the years go?! Well, 20 of them have been spent with a great guy, my husband, Dale. He spent many of those years teaching me what it means to be accepted just as I am. I learned just in time to be there for him when he needed me. Also within those 20 years, I became a mom to three amazing daughters: 12 yr. old Rachel; Hannah – 15; and Emily – 19. I home schooled them until they ran away. Now I write in my free time.  (Just kidding. Thankfully, they’re still here, and I have no free time.)

Running away wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂 Just kidding!  So how did you become a Christian writer?

I started writing because one of my girls read the Twilight series. After reading it myself, I saw an opportunity to reach the next generation with the gospel of Christ through writing a fantasy/romance. My book doesn’t have vampires, but it does have a Damon – and he’s better than any frozen blood-sucker out there, let me tell you.

A Damon… fascinating.  Have you had any major challenges in your life that you’d like to share with our readers?

I’ve had several major challenges. Divorce ravaged my family several times growing up. Had my first baby out-of-wedlock and placed her for adoption. Had a breakdown. Lost our business, and life savings, in the economic crash not too long ago, and went through my own marital problems. How did I handle it? I didn’t. Each time God turned my darkness into light, many times miraculously.  He did more than I could ask for or imagine. I know the secret of Job. Seeing God makes up for every loss, every heartache, and with Him, you only get stronger.

Wow.  Yes, I ‘d call those a few challenges.  And I’m with you on the having God thing. I don’t know how those who don’t ever make it. Is there a verse or a saying in particular that you hold onto in touch times?

Psalm 18:28 I sign every book with that verse. Could there be any greater hope? It is a promise not only to guide our way, but through Christ, to literally turn our sin nature into glorious light. It’s special to me because one dark day, I came face to face with my deepest fears. I was sitting alone in an airport weeping, thinking my best days were all behind me. I got on the plane and took out my pocket Bible, so numb with grief I didn’t know which Scripture to read. In fact, I sat staring at the page where my Bible had fallen open for a long time without seeing the words. Then, slowly, a verse stood out to me. It was the only one on the page that was highlighted. “My God turns my darkness into light.” All I could say was, “Lord, please… do this for me.” By the end of the flight a supernatural strength empowered me, and I left the plane radically changed. That’s the God I want my readers to know.

See, I knew there was something cool about you!  It’s HIM! 🙂  So what are you working on now?

A prequel to Tamed, explaining how Damon’s family came into existence. Set in Babylon, in the city where the Tower of Babel is built, the story incorporates history, fantasy, romance and non-stop action for a heart-pounding ride. Don’t even think of picking up this book on a night when you’re alone… or if you have to stop and make dinner. J

“Kids, you’re on your own for supper.  I’m busy!”  🙂  Where can our readers find you on the ‘net, Sarah?

Please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or at my website –

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.  Now get back to writing! 

More about Sarah Witenhafer and her books…

Sarah Witenhafer is the author of two 5 star books, Tamed (her debut book), and Anointed, the sequel. Both are available in paperback, or ebook format, through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

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  1. Sarah, what a lovely privilege to learn more about you! Anyone out there who has not read Tamed should hop on to Amazon and get a copy for themselves!

  2. Thank you, Sarah. You are always so encouraging. And thank you, Staci for hosting my first interview!


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