How I went from half empty to Whole over night? by Adrienne King

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I once lost focus. I felt like I was ready for a relationship. So, I prayed. I asked God to send me a man. I thought this is it. God will fill my heart desire as soon as I ask of him. Once I get a man God I won’t feel discontent (my desire will be met) I figured I am saved so when I ask him for something he will give it right away.

So often times we focus so much on the BIG picture until we miss the small details. God will never put us into something that we aren’t fully prepared for. God plans for our lives are always bigger and better than anything we can ever imagine. All along God was telling me that it is not about me. You see, I was the one who thought she had her whole life planned out as a teenager. You know how we get! You are a senior in high school and you’re in a circle discussing life after graduation. One of the things comes up is: What are your goals after graduation?

Everybody plans are slightly similar. Jane is going to the military, after a few years in the military she wants to meet… Yes! You guessed it! She wants to meet Mr. Right, get married and have kids. She even said the age range right? Your plans are slightly differently. You plan on going to college and then after graduation you want to start your career, meet Mr. Right and get married. Have we all TRIED to plan our own lives? Well, this was me! I took uttering that goal that I made to a group of young ladies that didn’t really have a clue about what was really in store very serious at one point. I tried to bring that vision to life. Have you ever focused on trying to accomplish a goal or tried to be patient and all you got was distractions?

NOTE: I didn’t start to feel discontentment until I started to focus and dwell on the fact that I was single for so long. And I felt that I was ready. So it began to play in my mind. I thought the people that wasn’t saved for real was getting into relationships and was getting married so why can’t I? So often time we focus on the things that we don’t have in our lives and began to become distracted.

I’ve been there. At a certain age group, I was ready. After college, I was ready. People asked frequently questions like “Are you STILL single?” Yes! I got asked those type questions a lot. I know some of you can probably relate if you’ve been single for a while. So, I began questioning God, after a year of questioning God on/off negative emotions and throwing fits. I finally surrendered totally to him. All I needed was his love. He filled me up. I gave all my worries to him. I was then made whole in him. It feels so amazing. I am a living witness that God will complete you. God will give you the desires of your heart, just delight in him. I’ve seen so many people just “settle” because they don’t believe God will come through. We must understand that God do things in his timing not ours. He knows our life thoroughly. We can only imagine how our life turns out but he knows the beginning and the end.

It may not seems like it right now, Surrender to him and I guarantee he will start showing you piece by piece exactly what’s he calling you to do in your season. I believe he will come through, but only in his timing. Instead of constantly asking him for a MAN (like I once did); ask him to reveal to you what’s he’s calling you to do and ask him for strength and endurance. I really understand your struggle my single sisters. I hope that my testimony encouraged you ladies. I would also like to share with two keys point that I feel is essential to becoming whole in Christ.

• Surrender to God

I had to realize that regardless of the decisions I have made, the relationships I have built, and the accomplishments that I’ve made is meaningless if I don’t put God first in everything that I do. I had to completely let go of what I thought wanted and needed and I had to surrender completely to God. I am absolutely nothing without God. I had to trust God with all decisions including trusting him to send me a mate. I have now learned to be content in my season doesn’t matter the circumstance. Philippians 4:11 you must understand that God knows our every desire and he knows our destiny.

• Develop an Intimate relationship

Developing a relationship with Christ was the best decision that I ever could make. Since I surrendered completely to him; my relationship has increased with my daddy, now I have more clarity and understanding of the journey God has laid out for my life. I am able to hear his voice and his grace has given me the patience that I need to endure until due season. He is literally everything to me. I just love being in his presence. He has filled me with his Joy, his love, his peace, that no man could ever give me. He is so amazing. I trust him with my life, and if he did it for me he will do it for you. Hold on to his everlasting grace and promises. An intimate relationship with God will give you the grace you need to love yourself like never before.

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