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By Lynn Mosher

“Heretofore the Lord has helped us.”
1 Sam. 7:12 Amp

What did the year closing bring into your life? Joys? Sorrows? Trials? Triumphs?

Look back over the year now closing. With what was it filled? Which side of the scale
tipped over with the most weight…the positive side or the negative side? Did adverse
circumstances gobble up your days? Did heartaches keep you awake at nights?

In all the highs and lows, was God any part of it, or was He in every part of it?

My guess is that He was in every part of it, even if you didn’t recognize His presence.
My guess is that He brought you through many situations. My guess is that He spoke to
your heart with words of comfort and peace and quite possible discipline, encouraged you
through others, gave you hope for a renewed future.

Do you desire God to do a new thing in your life this year? No matter how this year
played out for you, the New Year offers you a new beginning. Whatever it brings your
way, the Father will carry you through it all and bring a host of others to lift you up in
prayer and encourage you in your walk.

The end of the year may have its lingering troubles or disasters, but the Lord is gracious
and will never leave you without His help or comfort. He stands close, with His arms
outreached, awaiting your call.

My prayer for each of you is that your heart be guarded with the hope of a better new
year and that you will experience a special touch of the Lord’s presence upon all you do.

“Heretofore the Lord has helped us…”

…and He will yet again.New Year’s blessings, Lynn

About Lynn

Lynn Mosher

Through many hardships, trials, and health issues, I have learned to depend entirely on the Lord for everything. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000, the Lord whispered to my heart to write for Him. So, now, out of a great passion to reach others, I obey His call. You can find Lynn at

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  1. Happy New Year dear Lynn.
    A cousin with fibromyalgia has received help that has worked- she is enjoying life again after 50 years of pain.It’ls a doctor [ fellow sufferer] in Florida who has an 80% success rate.
    I will try to find his details to email you.

    God is closer at hand than ever before, my prayer partners and I are finding- He is guiding us in everything and providing wisdom for the stress-ors. 3 of us have received JOY as our word for what God wants to increase in our lives this year- may JOY be your portion also, my friend.

    Mary, NZ

  2. I am so glad you write for Him! Through posts like these – this last year I was able to see Him in unlikely places – where He has always been – I just never saw Him – and it made all the difference! Blessings dear friend, in this new year – so glad you share Him with me!


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