Faith Through the Struggles by Naty Matos

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Scripture: “There’s no way that God will reject a good person, and theirs is no way he’ll help a bad one. God will let you laugh again; you’ll raise the roof with shouts of joy, with your enemies thoroughly discredited, their house of cards collapsed.”

Once again it is human nature to feel jealousy, especially when you are doing everything right and everything in your life is going wrong. You feel discouraged even betrayed, but this is where you can get to know who God really is. See God is not changing like we are. He’s not moody or conditional. God’s word is all sovereign and total truth.

Sometimes in life struggles are the consequences of our actions. We feel bad, but we actually should be grateful that God’s grace doesn’t allow us to get what we really deserve. Sometimes in life struggles are lessons. Just like a good personal trainer workout. There has to be nothing wrong with you for you to go out and have a good workout, but I’ll assure you that you will be sore in the morning anyway. Life situations can be that way.

It’s in those moments when we build character and test our faith. We don’t need to prove to God how much we love him; he knows our heart better than we do. So it’s not for God that we do these tests, it’s for ourselves. Sometimes we think that we are further alone in our walk. Sometimes we think that we have surrendered completely and then something happens and we stumble and fall.

We all need that wake-up call that shows us the condition of our heart and where our belief system really is.

This particular scripture tells us that God will not reject a good person. This is the time to seek our heart and see where are our actions and behaviors leading us? Do we really act with a kind and loving heart? Are we forgiving? Do we criticize others or do we correct in love?

When we see others prospering in their evils schemes, do we forget that those are not blessings from above. Who is really prospering those people? Are those the blessings that you want?

I know that the part I like about this scripture is definitely the part that says that God will have you laugh again. Know that you don’t have to wait until the storm is over to laugh again. If the joy of the Lord is your strength you will be laughing through the storm because you know who you are secured in, who is the decision maker in your life and that it will all work out for his good in the end.

About the Author:

Naty MatosNaty Matos was born in the city of New York. She grew up in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and now lives in the city of Atlanta.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Minor in Mass Media Communications and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Naty writes Christian fiction and non-fiction. She maintains a blog on Christian Living Topics at

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