Faith, Love and Fried Chicken

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By Laura Marshall

It’s autumn in Twain, Georgia. Jaycee has herself a new job and with it, a new problem. Is it something bug spray can fix? Dash is struggling with more than just the reality of the pain from his injury. Could Jaycee be hiding something from him? The pumpkins are ripe on the vine and the pecans are ready to be shelled. Come spend Thanksgiving week in this southern series as Jaycee finds love.
A four part serial novel under the Faith, Love, and Fried Chicken title.
Volume 1, Summer available now.
Volume 2, Fall available now.
Volume 3, Winter coming December 2013.
Volume 4, Spring coming March 2014.


It was past sunset. Streaks from the last rays of the sun caught on the clouds, like a woman’s pink-tinged cloak. The bare trees on the roadside tangled in the wind, dark in contrast against the sky. A cold snap was in the forecast. Thanksgiving eve. And there he was, broken down on the way home.

The truck had started sputtering three minutes into the drive. He should have turned back to the shop, but he figured he could make it home. Less than ten minutes later, the truck engine had died completely. He stood beside the open hood, his hands jammed into his jeans pockets. He was too tired to be angry or frustrated. It was what it was and if he hadn’t been so prideful earlier in the shop, Chuck could have diagnosed the minute sound he had heard, which had obviously been a larger issue.

Dash saw lights bounce against the trees and a car turned down the tiny side road. He shielded his eyes as it approached and pulled behind the truck on the shoulder of the road. The lights remained on, blinding him as he heard the driver’s door open.

“I told ya’, Dash,” a breathy female voice said, mimicking his own from when he had rescued Jaycee that fateful hot July day month’s earlier.

She walked in front of the headlights, her silhouette swaying slowly. She drew closer and he saw her gentle smile.

“My hero,” he said, reaching through the glare and wrapping his arms around her as she stepped into his embrace.

“Oh, Dash. I’ve been such a fool.”

“Have you now?” He felt a well-spring of joy spring up from his heart. He rested his chin atop her head “I hadn’t noticed.”


lauraLaura J. Marshall is a full-time mom of five boys. When not on active duty, she is the best-selling author of The Battle Cry Devotional series and inspirational fiction (historical romantic suspense, YA, and contemporary romance). She operates a popular blog called The Old Stone Wall which hosts and promotes Christian and clean books and encourages interaction between authors and readers. Visit Laura on Facebook or Twitter or visit her website at

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