CrosssReads Short Takes: God’s Amazing Intimacy in Grief & Small Town Secrets 10/18/2023

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CrosssReads Short Takes

God’s Amazing Intimacy in Grief

Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

by Gina Marie Mordecki

God's Amazing Intimacy in Grief


Small Town Secrets

by Lillian Duncan

Small Town Secrets

On the surface, Shady Valley looks like the ideal all-American place to live with beautiful flowering trees lining both sides of the street as you enter the picturesque town. Neighbors help neighbors. Doors are often left unlocked.

Serious crimes are practically nonexistent— almost but not quite!

But like all small towns, everyone knows everyone, which means everyone knows everyone’ s business, and not everyone in Shady Valley is what they appear to be. Some have secrets— deadly secrets— that they hide behind the masks they wear.

When Angie McVey disappears on her wedding day, rookie officer Cami Martine is determined to find her best friend, but there are no leads to follow. Angie seems to have disappeared into thin air.

If Cami is to bring her best friend home, she will need to discover the deadly secrets of her friends and neighbors to find the one who wears the biggest mask.


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