CrossReads Short Takes: Zero Day & Repairing Broken Walls

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CrossReads Short Takes

Zero Day

Internet Underground… Inspirational Near-Future Technothriller

by Jan Thompson

Zero Day

A maligned hacker. A Mossad agent. A mutual enemy.

Zero Day is Book 2 in Binary HackersUSA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s inspirational near-future cyberthriller series combining technothriller and romance. If you’re looking for clean suspense without compromising your Christian faith, these books are for you.

We met Kelvin Gallagher in the first pages of Zero Sum, shortly before he was whisked away to parts unknown. In Zero Day, we pick up his story some months afterwards. No longer of any use to the governments who once coveted his cybercriminal mind, the disgraced hacker finds himself languishing in Prague while waiting for his enemies to find him and end his sufferings. Along comes a Mossad agent, once a friend, but now there to take him home in a body bag…

The prisoner awaits…

Down and out and waiting to die, fired hacker Kelvin Gallagher feels bad for betraying his homeland. Rejected by everyone, Kelvin has no choice but dig deeper into the dark hole into which he has fallen.

He remembers his ex-employers at Binary Systems, Inc., who have given him a job when nobody else dared. Are Cayson Yang and Leland Yang-Joule more moral than he is? He thinks not. Aren’t they all working for money?

Yeah, life is worth more than money. Kelvin knows that, but it’s too late. Way too late as he sits in a rat-infested rundown building in Old Prague, waiting to die.

The executioner comes…

As an act of revenge, former Mossad agent Yona Epstein tracks down the American traitor who led her mentor to the slaughterhouse. It makes Yona angry that Kelvin used to be a friend, back when they were in a project together.

When Yona uncovers Kelvin’s hideout in Europe, she realizes she isn’t the only one who wants Kelvin dead. That makes her pause.

To kill or not to kill…

When Kelvin explains his version of the cybercrime nightmare of his own making, several events don’t match up with what Yona was told by her associates.

Is Kelvin innocent, after all? Should Yona delay the execution until she finds out what is going on? Or proceed based on the information she already has? She trusts her sources, doesn’t she?





Repairing Broken Walls

by Raphael Gabriel

Repairing broken walls

This book highlights the great gift of prayer that has been given to us. We can overcome any problem and handle any enemy with God on our side. What is impossible with man is possible with God. In this book you will see the way God intervenes when a man’s heart is totally yielded to God. Love for God is reflected in a life of obedience to His word. On obeying His word we invite His blessings and disobedience to Him invites the curses mentioned in the word of God. God has given us the option to choose between enjoying His blessings or invite trouble and peacelessness in our lives.

As a leader you can emulate Nehemiah. He was a man of integrity, focused on God, obedient to His word and never took any action without consulting God. This leadership life-style glorified God and strengthened his followers.

God’s word increases your faith and the increase of faith in God drives out every sort of fear out of you. You have the world’s greatest power on your side and you will never live a defeated life. Fear of people, fear of circumstances,fear of the future, fear of death and fear of the Devil will flee from you as you experience more of the presence of God in your life.

Live with a purpose. You will never be happy unless you find and attain your purpose in this life. You are called to live a fulfilled life.Live abundantly. Don’t just exist.This life is only a journey.This book will not only guide you in your journey of life but it will also help you reach your destination.

May God oversee your journey of life till you reach your eternal destination.


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