CrossReads Short Takes: Yasmin finds THE WAY & After the Apocalypse 10/19/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Yasmin finds THE WAY

Christian Spiritual Romance

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Yasmin finds THE WAY

Would Yasmin’s HIDDEN DREAMS come TRUE?
Will her new life improve, or will it end in complete disappointment?

It was difficult for Yasmin to grow up in a restricted culture that differed from the western country where she lived. What made it even harder was a stepmother who ridiculed, scorned, and abused her.

After completing her University studies and now a qualified registered nurse, it was time for Yasmin to PLAN her ESCAPE. To escape and DISAPPEAR from her restricted upbringing with the religious ENFORCED implications.
She plans every detail carefully and well in advance. There must be no mistakes as her life could depend on it.

Yasmin TAKES-OFF very early one morning before her family were awake. Her destination is a city on the opposite side of her vast Australian continent. A new life is waiting. One that she hopes spells freedom, love, happiness, and friendships.
Who is the handsome E.R. doctor she meets that takes an interest in her?

Yasmin has heard about JESUS but has never understood or taken an interest in knowing more. Will she discover there is one who will never leave her nor forsake her?
Instead, will she be hunted down, found, and punished for running away from her past?

Read this story to find out about Yasmin’s many surprises. What awaits this innocent young woman?





After the Apocalypse

A Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

The Kim and Kaya Chronicles

(The End of Time Book 1)

by Scott W Kimak

After the Apocalypse

A rebellious young woman. A beloved companion. Can they survive the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world?

Kimberly and her beloved dog Kaya grow up in an underground military base during a nuclear apocalypse. They are more than anxious to explore the new world now that the radiation levels have subsided, but there are evils inside the base that might be greater than what exists on the surface.

Are the teen and her loyal pet ready to face the dangers and horrors of what was left behind?

Bestselling author Scott W. Kimak spins another tale of love, loss, and suspense in this
breathtaking prequel to the “I call him HIM” trilogy.


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