CrossReads Short Takes: When Heaven Sighs & Romance Under Wraps

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CrossReads Short Takes

When Heaven Sighs

by Susan Guinn

When Heaven Sighs

Death & deceit stalk the city sidewalks of Nashville, Music City USA.
A scream in the night
A hideous sight
What message is told
arousing an ancient foe
with hatred unleashed
upon a sleeping world’s peace

Heaven on one side, hell on the other with man caught in the middle. Which side will he choose?
One victim, a college student dead on a steamy August afternoon on a sidewalk from the highly contagious Ebola virus. The second, a beloved young priest lying dead on cold, hard asphalt after a fatal plunge from the tip of the roof of the cathedral where he served.
Dedicated homicide detective Hayden Douglan struggles against time to stop the spread of the virus as evidence confirms both men were murdered. Both victims’ destinies seem to be linked only by their mutual interest and belief in a mysterious, ancient document from the Middle East. Faith and courage will be tested as information leads to corruption in the highest levels of the religious community and the police department itself then finally to a powerful mystic cloistered behind the walls of a beautiful monastery near Vienna, Austria.





Romance Under Wraps

by Claire O’Sullivan

Romance Under Wraps

Catherine Cade Has a Problem

She’s an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner—trying to go straight. When one of her patients dies a mysterious death, she is faced with an agonizing decision. When evidence points to murder, she must overcome her fear of prison for the truth. Her biggest problem is the cop who caught her.

Rick Calhoun is a homicide detective who knows more about Cade than she does. When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins.

She tries to keep her lies straight, and it’s a job while tending patients and opening a bakery. He has to keep the investigation quiet, tend to his homicide cases, and keep Cade out of trouble.

Cade’s biggest worry is the detective who found her. He’s onto her, and she‘s stuck. Calhoun’s biggest problem, he is in love with her and will sacrifice anything to give her safe passage.

Love means never having to hear your Miranda Rights …


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