CrossReads Short Takes: Wheat and Tares & Angels, Eagles and Fire 3/30/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Wheat and Tares

(A Woman Like Me Book 2)

by Sadie Cuffe & Sophie Cuffe

Wheat and Tares

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, it’s never enough? Your heart seams are coming unglued by the relentless demands of a busy life. You resort to “if onlys” – if only I lost some weight – if only I could ditch this job– if only my husband, kids, friends, would really SEE me…

Like every woman, Susanna Jacobs wrestles with the woman she is and the woman she longs to be. She’s beginning to realize Christ is the answer, but she doesn’t even know how to form the questions that will lead her to His purpose for her life.

Nevertheless, she’s convinced that purpose involves returning a yard sale Bible to Joanne, its rightful owner. But God doesn’t make it easy. Joanne’s estranged daughter, Shelby, is her only connection to the confrontational, abrasive Joanne. Shelby’s septic personality poisons all she touches, yet Susanna takes Shelby into her home and won’t desert her mission field, even if it destroys her family. And it just might. Will she choose faith over family? Would you?

A Woman Like Me/Wheat and Tares continues the story of every woman. Whet

her you’re a wife having husband-wife strain, a mother having mother-child conflict, a woman having sisterhood-friend clashes, a woman having self-esteem dilemmas staring loss, depression, guilt and loneliness in the mirror – it’s all in there. An excellent read for women’s book clubs and those yearning for a closer walk with God. Wheat and Tares is fiction with a fusion of Spiritual journaling that mirrors the struggles of women everywhere, while infusing God’s Word into every crisis we face.





Angels, Eagles and Fire

(The Baker Family Saga Book 3)

by Allison Kohn

Angels, Eagles and Fire

In this, the third book in the Baker family sage, Richard finally makes it home. He has been away at college where he fell ‘in love’ with a beautiful woman who used him and dumped him – a lesson not taught in his classes. On his way home from school he ran into thieves and lost his ride home – for a while. And, on his way home he found real love. Meanwhile back at his home on the west coast his cousins find that starting a fire has more consequences than just fire. Another cousin’s belief in angels is a real good thing when Chester Thomas tries to get revenge on “That Snooty Baker Family” once again


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