CrossReads Short Takes: Unknown Heiress & Get It Together, Jesus Is Coming 12/27/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Unknown Heiress

Long Lost Irish Secrets

by Peggy McGee

Unknown Heiress

Unknown Heiress: Long Lost Irish Secrets
(A sweet and clean rags to riches Irish contemporary story for all ages to enjoy)

Kaela O’Rourke had aged out of the foster care system and was grateful to be given a job as a server and small studio apartment above Paddy’s Pub in Boston, Massachusetts. Never really having known her mother, she was raised by her grandmother until she passed during her junior year in high school. A smart but pretty girl, she was always sidelined due to her weight issues and reticent personality; yet was saving up for a car with a goal of attending community college. This all changed when she was stalked by an unknown man who turned out to be a private investigator for her unknown biological father from Ireland, now seeking her following a devastating medical diagnosis.

In this rags to riches story, all of Kaela’s issues didn’t disappear but seemed to compound when her father’s addictive nephew attempted to find ways to eliminate her from an inheritance. Join Kaela as she endeavors to make positive changes in her life while seeking acceptance within her new family and Irish community, unexpectedly falling in love along the way





Get It Together, Jesus Is Coming

The Word of the Hour for the Body of Christ

by Sheldon D. Newton

Get It Together, Jesus Is Coming


According to the scriptures, the evident signs of His imminent return are all around us. There is no doubt at all that we are living in those last days leading up to His coming to receive His own unto Himself. The questions we should all be asking ourselves are as follows: “Are we ready for His coming?” “ARE WE LIVING IN A MANNER THAT PLEASES HIM, In preparation for His soon return?” “Are we seeking first His Kingdom, doing His will, plan and purpose for our lives, that purpose He ordained from the foundation of the world for us to accomplish, knowing that He will hold us accountable?” It is time for us to examine ourselves with an honest and truthful heart, and where necessary, to repent and make changes by His grace and with His help.

In this clarion call to action, you will be encouraged to determine where you presently stand with God. Moreover, you will be moved, motivated, and inspired to get ready and be ready when Jesus comes. Moreover, you will be informed about exactly how to make the changes you may need to make in your life as you await His soon return.

JESUS IS COMING AGAIN, AND SOON! This is the “word of the hour” for the body of Christ. Those who have ears to hear will hear! Get your copy today!


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