CrossReads Short Takes: Unexpected Bride: Sophie & Only a Glimpse 6/7/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Unexpected Bride: Sophie

(Unexpected Bride Series Book 6)

by Margaret Tanner

Unexpected Bride Sophie

A wronged heroine. A man who was betrayed

Defrauded by a scheming woman, proud rancher, Kirby Dalton, dreads going home without a wife. He values his reputation above all else.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Sophie is almost destitute.

A marriage of convenience would solve both their problems.

What will Kirby do when he finds out his wife’s father and brothers were hanged for cattle rustling?

Can their fledgling marriage overcome such a devastating revelation?






Only a Glimpse

Christian contemporary romance

(Love Comes Again Book 1)

by LuAnn K. Edwards

Only a Glimpse

She’s his inadequate assistant. He’s her arrogant boss. When God intercedes, can they find acceptance that will lead to love?

Widow Keedryn Reynolds fears losing her job. After three months subjected to an inconsiderate boss, the experienced assistant considers quitting first. But when she senses the Lord’s tug upon her heart to help her boss find peace in Him, she commits to stay and share God’s love.

Blake Conner struggles with guilt over his wife’s death. Since Keedryn’s promotion to his assistant, he fights the attraction he feels for her with grumpiness to keep her away. After his boss confronts him about his treatment toward her, Blake softens enough to keep his boss happy.

Keedryn finds in sharing God’s love, she must fight against sharing hers. And although Blake is her boss, he can’t deny she’s everything he wants in a relationship.

Will Keedryn stand strong and ignore Blake’s scorn, or will Blake’s true feelings surface and lead to their happily ever after?

Only A Glimpse is the heartwarming first novel in the Love Comes Again series. If you like faith-filled, wholesome love stories, then you’ll enjoy LuAnn K. Edwards’ contemporary romance!


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