CrossReads Short Takes: Truth and Honor & Cordelia’s Call 1/11/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Truth and Honor

(Light in the Empire)

by Carol Ashby

Truth and Honor

Is truth worth the price if it costs you everything?

For Tribune Glabrio, descended from three consuls of Rome and determined to be the fourth, commanding the troops policing Carthago appears ideal for hastening his political rise. Arriving from Rome with the secretly Christian Sartorus as his aide, Glabrio discovers the man he was to replace has vanished without a trace. Was the missing tribune too close to finding the counterfeiters Glabrio is now hunting? But no matter the cost, duty and honor require him to enforce Roman law.

Orphaned as a child and taken to live with her pagan grandfather, Martina met Jesus through her step-grandmother. Their faith was a well-kept secret, even from most of their family. With both grandparents now dead, her uncle helps Martina hide the faith he doesn’t share. But after a single dinner at her uncle’s, the new tribune is determined to get to know her. No matter what she does to discourage Glabrio, he won’t leave her alone. But if he discovers her faith, will it mean her death?

When Martina rescues Glabrio from the counterfeiter’s schemes, he learns the people who risked everything to save him share the faith that got his grandfather executed. Embracing that faith could cost him the future he planned on. As an officer of the empire, it’s his duty to reject it…but what if it’s true?

Dangerous times, difficult friendships, lives transformed by forgiveness and love

The Light in the Empire series of novels should delight lovers of Biblical fiction set in Roman times and lovers of ancient world historical fiction where world views collide.

Truth and Honor is the twelfth volume in the Light in the Empire series, which follows the interconnected lives of several Roman families during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian. Each can be read stand-alone. The novels of the series will take you around the Empire, from Germania and Britannia to Thracia, Dacia, Judaea, North Africa, and, of course, to Rome itself.





Cordelia’s Call

The Suffrage Spinsters Book 7

by Joi Copeland

Cordelia's Call

Can Cordelia be open to love when she’s determined to make a way for herself without the help of a man?

Cordelia Smith grew up in an orphanage outside of Denver. For most of her life, she heard she was unworthy of love. Mrs. Finch’s constant reminder no one would love an orphan sent Cordelia on a path only taken by men: to write for the local newspaper. At the age of twenty-five, she must find a way to support herself while helping out at the orphanage in order to have a place to lay her head.

When Mrs. Finch catches wind of Cordelia’s job, she kicks her out of the only home she’s ever known to work on a ranch in Silver Springs. Cordelia doesn’t know what the town of Silver Springs is like, let alone how understanding they’d be if they knew she continued to write for the newspaper. Just how progressive toward women’s rights to work outside the home would her new town be, and how would she get to town to send off her articles?

Davey Harden’s intrigued by the new cook at the ranch he’s lived on most of his life. She’s got fire in those crisp blue eyes, and she has spunk. But he also realizes she’s hiding something, and until he knows she isn’t going to do his family harm, he’s determined to keep a close eye on her.

The more time he spends with Cordelia, the more he’s drawn to her. But she keeps him at arm’s length, and he doesn’t know why. Doubting his own self-worth, Davey must decide if love is worth the fight or if he should just give up and let Cordelia go.


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